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Lafayette Stakes

Non-graded Stakes race
Lafayette Stakes
Location Keeneland Race Course
Lexington, Kentucky, United States
Inaugurated 1937
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.keeneland.com
Race information
Distance 7 furlongs
Track Polytrack synthetic dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds
Weight Assigned
Purse $100,000

The Lafayette Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race run annually at Keeneland Race Course in Lexington, Kentucky. Open to three-year-old horses, it is contested on Polytrack synthetic dirt over a distance of seven furlongs.

A Listed race from 1983 through 1989, it was elevated to a Grade III event in 1990 then modified to a non-graded status for 2006.

Since inception, the Lafayette Stakes has been raced at a variety of distances:

  • 40 feet less than 4 furlongs : 1937-1942, 1946-1953
  • 4½ furlongs : 1943-1944, 1965-1981
  • 4 furlongs, 152 feet : 1954-1964
  • 6 furlongs : 1982-1985, 2005-2006
  • 7 furlongs : 1986-2004, 2007 to present

The Lafayette Stakes was run in two divisions in 1951, 1952, 1958, 1959, 1960, and 1968.

Due to wartime restrictions, the race was hosted by Churchill Downs in 1943 and 1944. There was no race run in 1945.

Two horses set new Keeneland course records in winning this race: Mals Boy in 1950 and Loom in 1964.


Speed record: (at current distance of 7 furlongs)

  • 1:21.05 - Carnack's Choice (2007) on Polytrack

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 4 - Pat Day (1988, 1992, 1993, 2002)

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 4 - Anthony Basile (1967, 1971, 1979, 1983)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 5 - Bwamazon Farm (1967, 1971, 1977, 1979, 1983)







2008 Keep Laughing John Velazquez Kiaran McLaughlin Vision Racing LLC 1:22.26
2007 Carnack's Choice Julien Leparoux Gregory D. Foley Sassafras Racing I, LLC 1:21.05
2006 Likely Julien Leparoux Patrick Biancone M. Miller III/T. F. Van Meter II 1:09.32
2005 More Smoke Clinton Potts J. C. Zimmerman T. McClay/H. Nye 1:09.88
2004 Bwana Charlie Shane Sellers Steve Asmussen Heiligbrodt Racing Stable 1:24.73
2003 Posse Corey Lanerie Steve Asmussen Heiligbrodt Racing Stable 1:23.14
2002 Cashel Castle Pat Day Chris M. Block Sandbar Farms 1:24.47
2001 Griffinite Jose Santos Jennifer Pedersen Paraneck Stable 1:22.61
2000 Caller One Robbie Davis James K. Chapman T. McArthur/C. Chapman 1:21.73
1999 Yes It's True Jerry Bailey D. Wayne Lukas Padua Stables 1:22.15
1998 Dontletthebigonego Willie Martinez Richard Suttle Paraneck Stable 1:23.00
1997 Trafalger Jerry Bailey D. Wayne Lukas Beverly & Robert Lewis 1:21.60
1996 Wire Me Collect Kristi Chapman Kim Chapman Arthur I. Appleton 1:21.80
1995 Mr. Greeley Julie Krone Nick Zito W. Condren/J. Cornacchia 1:21.40
1994 Exclusive Praline Jose Santos Steve Towne Frank C. Calabrese 1:23.80
1993 Cherokee Run Pat Day Frank A. Alexander Jill Robinson 1:21.20
1992 American Chance Pat Day Niall O'Callaghan John D. Gunther 1:22.00
1991 To Freedom Chris Antley John Tammaro, Jr. H. Heinlein/Prestonwood 1:22.80
1990 Housebuster Craig Perret Warren A. Croll, Jr. Robert P. Levy 1:22.80
1989 Belek Shane Romero Louie J. Roussel III Louie J. Roussel III 1:23.00
1988 Forty Niner Pat Day Woody Stephens Claiborne Farm 1:22.00
1987 Trick Card Donald Miller, Jr. Del W. Carroll II Farish/E. J. Hudson, Jr. 1:23.80
1986 Numero Uno Pass Craig Perret James J. Crupi Joel Sharenow 1:23.60
1985 Proudest Hour Randy Romero Joseph M. Bollero P. J. Flavin et al. 1:10.80
1984 Delta Trace Keith Allen Harold Jordan, Jr. Harold Jordan 1:10.40
1983 Freezing Rain Don Brumfield Anthony Basile Bwamazon Farm 1:11.20
1982 Jungle Blade Jack Neagle Richard P. Hazelton M/M Robert Bensinger 1:10.20
1981 Grey Bucket John Oldham Magnus A. Fairley Akuma Stable 0:53.20
1980 Firm Boss Michael Morgan James E. Morgan George Steinbrenner 0:53.00
1979 Raised Socially Michael Morgan Anthony Basile Bwamazon Farm 0:52.20
1978 Spy Charger Gary Mahon John Vass M/M John Vass 0:53.20
1977 Fiddle Faddle † William Gavidia William R. O'Neill Bwamazon Farm 0:52.80
1976 United Holme William Gavidia Robert E. Holthus Robert E. Holthus 0:52.00
1975 Inca Roca Terry Warner A. T. Skinner C. R. Jarrell 0:52.80
1974 Paris Dust Craig Perret Smiley Adams Golden Chance Farm 0:51.00
1973 Mr. A.Z. Bobby Ussery Thomas Heard, Jr. Ben Cohen 0:52.60
1972 Cari County Phil Rubbicco H. W. Shadowens T. A. & J. E. Grissom 0:52.00
1971 Busted Mickey Solomone Anthony Basile Bwamazon Farm 0:51.60
1970 Seen A lot Mike Manganello Thomas Stevens, Sr. Mrs. William H. May 0:53.00
1969 Spotted Line David Whited Dewey Smith T. A. & J. E. Grissom 0:51.80
1968 Santiago Road Kenny Knapp Harry Trotsek Hasty House Farm 0:52.00
1968 Traffic Mark Mike McDowell Ronnie Warren M/M Robert F. Roberts 0:52.60
1967 T.V. Commercial Kenny Knapp Anthony Basile Bwamazon Farm 0:52.00
1966 Quick Swoon Earlie Fires S. Bryant Ott E. Gay Drake 0:51.40
1965 He Jr. Jack Fieselman Dick Posey Everett Lowrance 0:52.00
1964 Loom Jimmy Nichols B. B. Williams Hugh A. Grant 0:48.00
1963 Amastar Jimmy Nichols N. A. McMaster Grace Creek Farm 0:48.20
1962 Dontstopnow Melvin Duhon L. G. Culver M/M J. D. Askew 0:48.60
1961 Crimson Satan Willie Carstens Gordon R. Potter Crimson King Farm 0:49.00
1960 Bright Silver John L. Rotz J. J. Greely, Jr. C. V. Whitney 0:49.60
1960 Sal's Beau Braulio Baeza F. A. Kurinec Harold M. Florsheim 0:48.80
1959 Vital Force Johnny Sellers W. Kennedy Tinkham Veale II et al. 0:49.00
1959 Chuckabuck William Hartack C. F. Bowles C. F. Bowles 0:49.80
1958 Grand Wizard Vidal Guajardo Monte Preston E. H. Lane 0:50.80
1958 Bagdad John Heckmann Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 0:50.60
1957 Bumpy Road William Hartack Eddie Anspach Mrs. Irving Gushen 0:48.40
1956 Round stable Steve Brooks Moody Jolley Claiborne Farm 0:49.60
1955 First Lap Job Dean Jessop Milt Resseguet R. A. Lewis 0:50.00
1954 Royal Note Henry Moreno Frank Gilpin Wilton Stable 0:49.40
1953 Everett Jr. Al Popara Dick Posey Everett Lowrance 0:45.40
1952 Happy Carrier Gerald Porch R. A. Mattingly William H. Veeneman 0:46.00
1952 Aerolite Douglas Dodson Dee Brooks Hal Price Headley 0:45.80
1951 Recover Douglas Dodson Dee Brooks Hal Price Headley 0:46.60
1951 Crownlet Robert L. Baird Duval A. Headley Duval A. Headley 0:46.60
1950 Mals Boy Job Dean Jessop Robert McGarvey Mrs. Emil Denemark 0:45.40
1949 Black Sambo Robert L. Baird Willie Resseguet Mrs. Samuel Rosen 0:47.40
1948 Irish Sun Andy LoTurco W. G. Douglass William H. Veeneman 0:46.20
1947 Phar Mon Andy LoTurco W. G. Douglass William H. Veeneman 0:46.20
1946 Colonel O'F William Bailey Willie Crump C. C. Tanner 0:46.40
1945 no race
1944 Poco Mas George Seabo W. M. McClain Bluebird Stock Farm 0:53.80
1943 Ogham Johnny Longden B. B. Williams Mrs. Helen Miller 0:54.80
1942 Menex Eddie Arcaro Allen Hultz Louis Lee Haggin II 0:46.60
1941 Black Raider Arthur Craig Roy Waldron Milky Way Farm 0:46.40
1940 Misty Isle Ken McCombs Danny E. Stewart Joseph E. Widener 0:47.00
1939 Roman Warren Yarberry Danny E. Stewart Joseph E. Widener 0:47.60
1938 Oddessa Beulah Melvin Calvert C. H. Smith Oddessa Farms 0:46.00
1937 Chic Maud Irving Anderson F. J. Kearns Calumet Farm 0:47.20

* † In 1977, Forever Casting won the race but was disqualified from first and set back to last.



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