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Lambert Todd

Lambert Todd was a standardbred race horse born in 1916 in Ontario, the son of Jim Todd (2.08.1) and Gracie Lambert.

Lambert Todd performed in the grand circuit before going to Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia in 1929 where he performed against other community horses. Lambert Todd is believed to be the first community owned racehorse. His record time is 2.02.1 and he was the first horse to break the 2.10.0 time in the Maritimes (Halifax) against a car. Lambert Todd broke 14 track records and he was a top performer in all his races with a lifetime record that was 312 heats, 138 wins, second 64 times and third 49 times, earning $9,700.00 in his career. Some 80 years later, his spirit still lives on, every year the Lambert Todd Days take place in Reserve Mines, Nova Scotia in early July and a Lambert Todd Pace which started in October 2007 at Northside Downs which was won by Master Of Ceremony in 1.59.1.[1]


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