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Laura Kraut

Medal record
Laura Kraut
Laura Kraut
Competitor for the 22x20px United States
Olympic Games
Gold 2008 Beijing Team jumping

Laura Kraut (born November 14, 1965 in Camden, South Carolina) is an American show jumping competitor and Olympic champion.[1]

At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, Kraut won the gold medal as part of the United States team with her horse Cedric in team jumping, together with McLain Ward, Will Simpson, and Beezie Madden.[2]

Her accomplishments by year:



150,000 euro Grand Prix of Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 1st/Anthem</br>


US Olympic Trials, Wellington, FL, 1st/Cedric</br> Beijing Olympics, Hong Kong, Team Gold/Cedric</br> $500,000 Grand Prix of Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, 1st/Anthem</br> Masters Class, Antwerpen, Belgium, 1st/Miss Independent</br> Brussels Grand Prix, Brussels, Belgium, 1st/Miss Independent</br> Credit Suisse Grand Prix, Geneva, Switzerland, 1st/Miss Independent</br> Olympia, London, England, 1st/Miss Independent</br>


CSIO *****Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 1st/Anthem</br> CSIO ***** Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 1st/Anthem</br> CSI *** Belfast, Belfast, Ireland, 1st/Anthem</br> CSI*** Hachenburg, Hachenburg, Germany, 1st/Cedric</br>


World Equestrian Games Team Silver, Aachen, Germany Miss Independent</br> Samsung Super League Team Silver, Miss Independent</br>


$75,000 Cosequin Florida Open, Wellington, FL, 1st/Miss Independent</br> $60,000 Lincoln Idle Dice Classic, Wellington, FL, 1st/Anthem</br> Samsung Super League Team Member, Baule, France, Aachen, Germany, team 1st</br> Rome, Italy, Hickstead, England, team 2nd/Anthem & Miss Independent</br> $100,000 Washington International President’s Cup, 1st/Anthem</br>


$75,000 Grand Prix of Tampa CSI-W, Tampa, FL 10th/Allegiance</br> $25,000 WEG Challenge Cup Round 8, Tampa, FL 10th/Allegiance</br> $50,000 Samsung Nations Cup, Wellington, FL 2nd/Allegiance</br> $60,000 Idle Dice Challenge, Wellington, FL 6th/Allegiance</br> $25,000 WEF Challenge Series, Wellington, FL 6th/Allegiance</br> $25,000 National Speed Stake, Wellington, FL 4th/Liberty</br> Super League Team Member</br>


Presidents Cup Grand Prix, Washington, DC 2nd/Quickstar II Z</br> Budweiser Grand Prix de Penn National, Harrisburg, PA 2nd/Anthem</br> Grand Prix of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN 1st, 2nd/Wet Paint</br> $25,000 New Albany Classic, New Albany, Ohio 1st/Quickstar II Z</br> $150,000 Prudential Financial Grand Prix, Bridgehampton, NY 7th/Allegiance</br> $25,000 Sally Hansen Grand Prix, Bridgehampton, NY 2nd/Quickstar II Z</br> Russell Fortune Grand Prix, Zionsville, IN 1st/Quickstar II Z</br> $40,000 Kentucky Classic Grand Prix, Lexington, KY 3rd/Milano</br> $25,000 Lexington Classic, Lexington, KY 5th/Milano</br> $100,000 American Jumping Classic, Kings Mills, OH 4th/Anthem</br> BMO Financial Group Nations Cup, Calgary, Canada 3rd/Anthem</br> Pan American Games Selection Trial 4 4th/Anthem</br> $50,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix, Lexington, KY 4th/Anthem</br> $100,000 U.S. Open CH CSIO****, Wellington, FL 4th/Allegiance</br> $75,000 Florida Open CSI***/W, Wellington, FL 8th/Anthem</br> $75,000 Zada Enterprises Grand Prix CSI***, Wellington, FL 2nd/Anthem</br> $25,000 WEF Challenge Series, Wellington, FL 2nd/Allegiance</br> $50,000 Idle Dice Classic, Wellington, FL 5th/Anthem</br> $25,000 Kilkenny WEF Challenge Cup, Wellington, FL 3rd/Allegiance</br> $25,000 WEF Challenge Cup II CSI, Wellington, FL 4th/May</br> $25,000 WEF Challenge Cup I CSI**, Wellington, FL 6th/Liberty</br> 7th/Anthem</br> USOC Jack Kelly Fair Play Award</br> World Cup Final, Las Vegas, NV Tie 5th/Anthem</br>


World Cup Final, Leipzig, Germany 17th/Anthem</br> Grand Prix, Rome, Italy 2nd/Anthem</br> Bank of Montreal Nations Cup, Calgary, Canada 1st/Anthem</br> Pennsylvania Big Jump, Harrisburg, PA 1st/Allegiance</br> Grand Prix of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN 1st/May</br> $200,000 Atco Power Queen Elizabeth ll Cup, Spruce Meadows,Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2nd /Liberty</br> Samsung Nations Cup, Lucerne, SUI 1st (tie)/Liberty</br> $105,705 Loro Piana Grand Prix, Rome, Italy 2nd/Anthem</br> Samsung Nations Cup, Wellington, FL Team 1st</br> $25,000 Jaguar/Land Rover WEF Challenge Cup 1st/Anthem</br> $200,000 Budweiser American Invitational, Tampa, FL 2nd/Anthem</br> $25,000 WEF Challenge IV, Wellington, FL 1st/Anthem</br>


Samsung Nations Cup, Royal Winter Fair-Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1st/Anthem</br> Budweiser Grand Prix de Penn National, Harrisburg, PA 1st/Anthem</br> $50,000 Budweiser Grand Prix of Indianapolis, Zionsville, IN 1st/Liberty</br> $100,000 Cosequin US Open Jumper Championship, Wellington, FL 1st/Liberty</br> $75,000 American Jumping Classic, Kings Mills, OH 1st/Anthem</br> $50,000 Commonwealth Grand Prix, Lexington, KY 1st/Liberty</br>


Olympic Games, Sydney, Australia Team 6th/Liberty</br> $125,000 Budweiser Grand Prix of New York, New York, NY 3rd/Anthem</br> $50,000 Budwesier Grand Prix De Penn National, Harrisburg, PA 1st/Anthem</br> $100,000 Rolex/U.S. Show Jumping Championship, Gladstone, NJ 1st/Liberty</br> $100,000 Cosequin Wellington Finale CSI-W, Wellington, FL 2nd/Liberty</br> Olympic Selection Trials, Gladstone, NJ, the Oaks/Blenheim & Del Mar, CA 3rd/Liberty</br> $100,000 Mayor’s Jewelers U.S. Open Jumper Championship, Miami, FL 2nd/Liberty</br> $50,000 Mary Rena Murphy Grand Prix, Lexington, KY 1st/Simba Run</br> $30,000 Kentucky Grand Prix, Lexington, KY 1st/Athletico</br>


Nortel Queen Elizabeth II Cup, Calgary Alberta, Canada 1st/Simba Run</br>


$30,000 Motor City Grand Prix, Detroit, MI 1st/Classified</br>


$50,000 Budweiser Indianapolis Grand Prix 1st/Simba Run</br>


$35,000 North American Grand Prix 1st/Felix</br> $30,000 Kentucky Spring Classic, Lexington, KY 1st/Simba Run</br>


Alternate, Olympic Games, Barcelona, Spain/Simba Run</br>


$50,000 Sweet Charity Farm Grand Prix, Carmel, IN 1st/Athletico</br>



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