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Laurel Futurity Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Laurel Futurity Stakes, an American stakes race for two year-olds at 1-1/16 miles (8.5 furlongs) on the turf held at Laurel Park Racecourse in Laurel, Maryland.[1] (List 1921-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2008 No Race No Race No Race n/a
2007 Cowboy Cal Casanova Jack Titan of Industry n/a
2006 Strike a Deal Rutledge Cat Brainy Benny n/a
2005 Barbaro Diabolical Exton n/a
2004 Defer Funk Woody's Apache n/a
2003 Tapit Polish Rifle Ghost Mountain n/a
2002 Toccet Irontron Cherokee's Boy n/a
2001 No Race No Race No Race n/a
2000 Buckle Down Ben Gift of the Eagle Niner's Echo n/a
1999 Scottish Halo Un Fino Vino Grundlefoot n/a
1998 Millions Raire Standard More Better n/a
1997 Fight for M'Lady Victory Gallop Essential n/a
1996 Captain Bodgit Concerto Carrolls Favorite n/a
1995 Appealing Skier Liberty Road Pirate Performer n/a
1994 Western Echo Old Tascosa Shimmering Prince n/a
1993 Dove Hunt Lotsa Chile Thrilla In Manilla n/a
1992 Lord of the Bay Glorieux Dancer Halissee n/a
1991 Smilin and Dancin Free At Last Older But Smarter n/a
1990 River Traffic Fourstars Allstar Share the Glory n/a
1989 Go And Go Robyn Dancer Super Cholo n/a
1988 Luge Rigerman Downtown Davey n/a
1987 Antiqua Mister Modesty Kohen Witha K n/a
1986 Bet Twice Pledge Card Grand Rol n/a
1985 Southern Appeal Miracle Wood Papal Power n/a
1984 Mighty Appealing Cutlass Reality Rhoman Rule n/a
1983 Devil's Bag Hail Bold King Pied A'Tierre n/a
1982 Cast Party Pax in Bello Primitive Pleasure n/a
1981 Deputy Minister Laser Light Majesty's Prince n/a
1980 Cure the Blues Matching Gift Kan Reason n/a
1979 Plugged Nickle Gold Stage New Regent n/a
1978 Spectacular Bid General Assembly Clever Trick n/a
1977 Affirmed Alydar Star de Naskra n/a
1976 Royal Ski For the Moment Midevil Man n/a
1975 Honest Pleasure Whatsyourpleasure Dance Spell n/a
1974 L'Enjoleur Wajima Bombay Duck n/a
1973 Protagonist Hasty Flyer Prince of Reason n/a
1972 Secretariat Stop The Music Angle Light n/a
1971 Riva Ridge Festive Mood Drum Fire n/a
1970 Limit to Reason New Round Droll Role n/a
1969 High Echelon Toasted Brave Emperor n/a
1968 King Emperor Dike Mr. Leader n/a
1967 Vitrolic T. V. Commercial Gin-Rob n/a
1966 In Reality Successor Proviso n/a
1965 Spring Double Fathers Image Amberoid n/a
1964 Sadair Hail to All Umbrella Fella n/a
1963 Quadrangle Breakspear Bupers n/a
1962 Right Proud Delta Judge Master Dennis n/a
1961 Crimson Satan Green Ticket Endymion n/a
1960 Garwol Bal Musette Sherluck n/a
1959 Progressing All Hands Catapult n/a
1958 Intentionally Rico Tesio Black Hills n/a
1957 Jewel's Reward Nala Staysail n/a
1956 Missile Cohoes Ambehaving n/a
1955 Nail Liberty Sun Countermand n/a
1954 Thinking Cap Flying Fury Saratoga n/a
1953 Errand King War Doings Nirgal Lad n/a
1952 Isasmoothie Count Cain County Clare n/a
1951 Cajun Lord Priam Inyureye n/a
1950 Big Stretch Bold General Staff n/a
1949 Oil Capitol Lot O Luck Striking n/a
1948 Capot Slam Bang Sun Bahram n/a
1947 Citation Better Self Ace Admiral n/a
1946 Jet Pilot Fervent Bastogne n/a
1945 Star Pilot Billy Bumps Colony Boy n/a
1944 Pot o' Luck Plebiscite Recce n/a
1943 Platter By Jimminy Smolensko n/a
1942 Count Fleet Occupation Vincentive n/a
1941 Contradiction Devil Diver Chiquita Mia n/a
1940 Bold Irishman Whirlaway Our Boots n/a
1939 Bimelech Rough Pass Straight Lead n/a
1938 Challedon Third Degree Gilded knight n/a
1937 Nedayr Jacola Dauber n/a
1936 Matey Brooklyn Billionaire n/a
1935 Hollyrood Grand Slam Ned Reigh n/a
1934 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1933 No Race No Race No Race n/a
1932 Swivel Golden Way Repaid n/a
1931 Top Flight Burgoo King Tick On n/a
1930 Equipoise Twenty Grand Mate n/a
1929 Flying Heels Spinach Galaday n/a
1928 High Strung Dr. Freeland Neddie n/a
1927 Glade Petee-Wrack Eugene S. n/a
1926 Fair Star Jopagan Whiskery n/a
1925 Canter Bubbling Over Display n/a
1924 Stimulus Star Lore Candy Kid n/a
1923 Beau Butler Rustic Aga Khan n/a
1922 # Blossum Time Donges Little Celt n/a
1922 # Sally's Alley Martingale My Own n/a
1921 Morvich Lucky Hour Runantell n/a

A # designates that the race was run in two divisions in 1922.

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 398 on June 26, 2008.

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