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Lena's Bar

Lena's Bar
Sire Three Bars
Dam Lena Valenti
Grandsire Percentage
Damsire Gray Dream
Gender Mare
Foaled 1954
Country United States
Breeder Walter Merrick
Owner Walter Merrick
Record 76-24-28-10
Earnings $28,311.00
Lena's Bar is a thoroughbred racehorse out of Lena Valenti by Three Bars. She was born around 1954 in the United States, and was bred by Walter Merrick.
Major wins
Bright Eyes Stakes, Buttons and Bows Handicap, Bright Eyes Handicap
AQHA Racing Register of Merit
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)
Last updated on June 27, 2007

A registered Thoroughbred mare, Lena's Bar raced on the Quarter Tracks and was the dam of Jet Smooth, Double Dancer and Jet Deck, three outstanding Quarter Horse stallions.



A Thoroughbred daughter of the stallion Three Bars, Lena's Bar was out of Lena Valenti, a granddaughter of Percentage.[1] Thus, Lena's Bar had Percentage, Three Bar's sire, on both sides of her pedigree. Lena Valenti raced on the Quarter tracks, ending with a record of two starts, one win, one third with an AA speed rating.[2]

Lena's Bar raced mainly in Quarter horse races.[3] She started seventy-six times, winning twenty-four races. She placed second eighteen times and was third ten times. Her total earnings were $28,308.00 with 67 racing points with the American Quarter Horse Association (or AQHA). She rated an AAA speed rating in those races, and was a stakes race winner.[2] She once outran Go Man Go, Double Bid, Tidy Too, Miss Louton, Vandy's Flash and Vanetta Dee in one race. Her sister Little Lena's Bar set four world records at four different distances.[4]

After she retired from racing, she produced the Quarter horse stallions Double Dancer, Jet Smooth, and Easy Jet, along with two Quarter horse mares - Delta Ann and Mayflower Ann.[3] Her offspring earned $557,199.00 on the track, with all five being winners and Register of Merit earners.[5]

She was inducted into the American Quarter Horse Association's American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.[6]


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Myrtle Dee
Civil Maid
Civil Rule
Lena's Bar
Gray Dream
Dark Love
Sunny Love
Lena Valenti
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