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Leonard H. Lavin

Leonard Lavin
Born October 29, 1919
Chicago, Illinois,
United States
Residence Glencoe, Illinois
Education University of Washington
Occupation Businessman, Racehorse owner/breeder, philanthropist
Known for Founder, Alberto-Culver
Board member of Albert-Culver, Histogen, Inc.
Religion Judaism
Spouse(s) Bernice E. Weiser (1925-2007)
Children Daughters:
Carol, Karen
Scott J. (1950-1998)
Awards TOBA Florida Breeder of the Year (1994)

Leonard H. Lavin (born October 29, 1919 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American businessman, racehorse owner/breeder, and a philanthropist who in 1955 founded the Alberto-Culver Company.[1] He currently serves as Chairmam Emeritus of the company and a member of the Board of Directors of the international manufacturer/distributor of personal care and household/ grocery products. Mr. Lavin is also a director of Histogen, Inc. a regenerative medicine company based in San Diego, California.[2]

Leonard Lavin studied at the University of Washington then served sea duty for four years during World War II with the United States Navy.[3] In 1947 he married Bernice Weiser who became an executive of Alberto-Culver and who played an integral part in making the company a success.[4] Among their philanthropic activities is the Bernice and Leonard H. Lavin Endowed Scholarship for Inner City Chicagoland Students at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois,[5] the Lavin VentureStart programs in the Entrepreneurial Management Center at San Diego State University,[6] and the Leonard and Bernice Lavin Entrepreneurial Action Program at the University of Washington.[7]

Thoroughbred racing

Since the 1960s, Lavin has been involved in the sport of horse racing. He owns Glen Hill Farm in Ocala, Florida where he breeds Thoroughbreds.[8] In 1994 he was voted the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association's Florida Breeder of the Year award. Among his best known horses are Relaunch, an outstanding sire whose daughter One Dreamer won the 1994 Breeders' Cup Distaff,[9]

Lavin is the author of Winners Make It Happen: Reflections of a Self-Made Man. (2003, Bonus Books. ISBN 1566252067)



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