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List of U.S. state horses

File:American Morgan Horse.jpg
The Morgan horse is the state horse of Vermont and Massachusetts
File:2001 KY Proof.png
The Thoroughbred is honored on the Kentucky state quarter. It is also the state horse of Maryland

There are several U.S. states that have an official state horse.

The state horse of Alabama is the Racking horse.[1]

The state horse of Florida is the Florida Cracker Horse, also known as the "Marshtackie."[1]

The state horse of Idaho is the Appaloosa. This breed was raised by the Nez Perce Indians.[1]

The state horse of Kentucky and Maryland is the Thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds are famous in Kentucky, which traditionally has been the home to the tradition of thoroughbred racing in the United States.[1]

The Morgan horse is also the state horse of Massachusetts,[1] in honor of the foundation sire, Figure, later known as Justin Morgan, who was foaled in the state.

The state horse of Missouri is the Missouri Fox Trotter.[1]

The horse is the state animal of New Jersey.[1]

The state horse of North Carolina is the "Colonial Spanish mustang", referencing the Banker horses of the Outer Banks, thought to have descended from original Spanish stock. [2]

The honorary equine of North Dakota is the Nokota horse.[1]

The state horse of South Carolina is the Carolina Marsh Tacky.

The state horse of Tennessee is the Tennessee Walking Horse.[1]

The state horse of Texas is the American Quarter Horse.[3]

Vermont has named the Morgan horse as its state horse, because the breed originated in Vermont in the eighteenth century and was the first American breed.[1]

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