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List of dead heat horse races

File:Triple dead-heat.jpg
The first triple dead heat in harness racing: Patchover, Payne Hall and Penny Maid at Freehold Raceway (USA).

A dead heat is a tie between two or, rarely, more horses in a race for a win or placing.[1] Usually, a photo finish can determine the placings, but at times it is impossible to separate the horses. If there is a dead heat for a win, wagers are paid on all winning horses and first and second prizemoney is divided between the two horses in a double dead heat.

  • July 5, 1926, the Carter Handicap at Aqueduct Racetrack: double dead heat between Macaw, owned by Harry Payne Whitney and Nedana, owned by the Rancous stable.
  • June 10, 1944, the Carter Handicap at Aqueduct Racetrack: triple dead heat between Brownie, Bossuet and Wait A Bit, the first triple dead heat in a stakes race.
  • 3 October 1953, the first triple dead heat in harness racing occurred when Patchover, Payne Hall and Penny Maid dead-heated for a win at Freehold Raceway (USA).[2]
  • October 22, 1955, Mexico's Caliente (eight race): A triple dead-heat occurred between Stormsorno, Chance Speed and Beaufair
  • November 27, 1957,Flaxey Dream, Great Knight and Navy Song finish in a triple dead heat for win at Roosevelt Raceway in New York.[4]
  • October 14, 1970, Arnold Gem, Banjo Phil, and Bervaldo triple dead heat for a win at Windsor Raceway in Ontario.[5]
  • May 2, 1988, Jack Des Rivieres, Kingwood Tog and H F Elaine triple-dead heat for a win at Hippodrome Trois Rivieres. This is the 15th triple-dead heat for a win in harness racing history.[6]
  • 1989 Hambletonian Race-off: Park Avenue Joe and Probe
  • April 8, 2006: During an eleven-race program at Aqueduct Racetrack that included the Wood Memorial Stakes, dead heats for each of the three "money" positions (Win, Place and Show) occurred in three separate races. Saint Anddan and Criminal Mind dead-heated for Place in race 5, Naragansett and Emotrin dead-heated for Show in race 6, and Karakorum Tuxedo and Megatrend dead-heated for Win in race 10.[8]
  • March 2009, Tsm Goldenridge, Serious Damage and Teen Elvis at The Meadows became the 25th overall to triple dead heat in harness racing history.[9]
  • May 8, 2010: Race 2 Woodbine Throughbred Racing, horse 5 More Miss Chrissy (5/2), horse 4 She's Proud (19/1) out of a pool of 8. Listed as a dead heat race for the Win and Show.
  • May 23, 2010: 71st Yushun Himba at Tokyo Racecourse, a Japanese Classic horse race that is part of the Japanese Triple Tiara (the Triple Crown for fillies) and is commonly known as the Japanese Oaks. Apapane and Saint Emilion hit the wire at the same time in the race, the first time that a Japanese Grade I race has resulted in a dead heat for the win.[10][11][12]



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