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List of equestrian statues in Hungary

This is a list of equestrian statues in Hungary.

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  • Millenniumi emlékmű (Millennium Monument) by Zala György at the Hősök tere (Heroes' Square) with seven equestrians of the seven Magyar tribes leaders: Árpád, Előd, Ond, Kond, Tas, Huba, and Töhötöm (Tétény), 1894-1929.
  • Equestrian of King Stephen I by Alajos Stróbl in the Fischer Bastion, 1906.
  • Equestrian of Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II.
  • Equestrian of Artúr Görgey.
  • Equestrian of Prince Savoyai Jenő by József Róna in the Buda Castle, 1900.


  • Monument to Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos by Dávid Raffay, 2000.


  • Equestrian of King Stephen I by Lajos Győrfi and Jenő Ferenc Kiss.


  • Equestrian of Hunyadi János by Pál Pátzay the Széchenyi square, 1956.


  • Equestrian of Prince Rákóczi Ferenc II.
  • Equestrian of King Hunyadi Mátyás.
  • Memorial of the World War I heroes in front of the Reök-palota (Reok Palace).


  • Equestrian of King Stephen I by Ferenc Sidló, 1938.
  • Memorial of 10th Hussar Regiment by Pál Pátzay, 1939.


  • Equestrian of Háry János by Farkas Pál, 1992.


  • Equestrian of Miklós Zrínyi by József Somogyi.


  • Equestrian named Tatai Diana by Béla Tóth close to the Esterházy palace, 1989.


  • Equestrian of Prince József.


  • Equestrian of Miklós Zrínyi by Tóth Béla, 1989.


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