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List of equestrian statues in Russia

This is a list of equestrian statues in Russia.

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  • Monument to General Mikhail Skobelev in the Tverskaya Street by Peter Samonov, erected in 1912, unmount in 1918.
  • Equestrian statue of Prince Yury Dolgoruky in the Tverskaya Street, by Sergey Orlov, 1954. A celebrated example of Socialist Realism equestrian sculpture.
  • Equestrian statue of Field Marshal Kutuzov in the Kutuzovsky Prospekt by Nikolay Tomsky, 1973.
  • Equestrian statue of Marshal Georgy Zhukov at the Manege Square by Vyacheslav Klykov, 1995.
  • Equestrian statue of Pyotr Bagration in the Kutuzovsky Prospekt by Merab Merabishvili, 1999.
  • Saint George defeats the Dragon on Poklonnaya Gora by Zurab Tsereteli, 1990s.
  • Saint George defeats the Dragon on the top of glass cupola at the Manege Square by Zurab Tsereteli, 1995.


  • Equestrian statue of Empress Elizabeth of Russia by Georgy Frangulian, 2003. Foto


  • Equestrian statue of Sviatoslav I in the village of Kholki, close to Belgorod, by Vyacheslav Klykov, 2005.


  • Monument to Vasily Chapayev by Pavel Balandin, 1960.


  • Monument to the Saints Boris and Gleb by Alexander Rukovishnikov, 2006.


  • Equestrian statue of Jangar close to the belt route. Foto


  • Еquestrian monument to Frederick William III by August Kiss, erected in 1851 in Königsberg, unmount in 1950. Foto


  • Еquestrian monument to Kuban Cossacks by Alexander Apollonov, erected in 2005.


  • Еquestrian monument to 4th Guards Cavalry Cossack Corps, erected in 1967.


  • Еquestrian monument to Magomed-Ali Dakhadayev (Makhach) in front of railway station by Khaz-Bulat Askar-Sarydzha, 1971 Foto
  • Еquestrian monument to the Defenders of Motherland in Stepnoy settlement by Sherif Shakhmardanov, 2006 Foto


  • Monument to Matvei Platov by Anatoly Sknarin, 2003. Foto


  • Monument to Saint Alexander Nevsky and Russian druzhinniks ("Battle of the Ice") on top of the Sokolikha mountain by Ivan Kozlovsky, 1993.


  • Equestrian of Vasily Chapayev. Foto


  • Monument to Semyon Budyonny by Yevgeny Vuchetich, 1972.

Saint Petersburg

  • The Bronze Horseman, as this awesome statue of Peter the Great on the Senate Square of Saint Petersburg is generally known, is the main work of Etienne Maurice Falconet, 1782.
  • The Monument of Peter the Great in front of St. Michael's Castle. The sculpture by Carlo Bartolomeo Rastrelli, erected in 1800.
  • The Monument to Peter the Great in front of Constantine Palace in Strelna. The replica of equestrian monument of Peter the Great, at Brīvības gatves in Riga, 2003. Foto
  • Bronze equestrian of Nicholas I in front of St Isaac's Cathedral. It is the first oldest in the world with only the two back legs of the horse have a connection with the pedestal. The monument figures prominently in several works of fiction, including Andrei Bely's modernist novel Petersburg. The sculptor was Peter Clodt von Jürgensburg, and it was erected in 1859.
  • Impressionist bronze equestrian of Alexander III of Russia by Paolo Troubetzkoy, formerly at Uprising Square (1909-1937), now in the courtyard of the Marble Palace (since 1994).
  • Modern equestrian statues of Saint Alexander Nevsky in front of Alexander Nevsky Lavra, by Valentin Kozenuyk, 2002.
  • Equestrian of Vasily Chapayev in front of Semyon Budyonny Military Communications University. The replica of monument in Samara, 1968.
  • Equestrian of Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolaevich at Manege Square by Pietro Canonica. Was erected in 1914, destroyed in 1918. Foto


  • Monument to Salawat Yulayev, sculptor Andrey Semchenko, 1988. Foto


  • Equestrian of Vasily Chapayev by Matvey Manizer, 1932.


  • Monument to Vasily Tatischev on the Kuybyshev Reservoir bank by Alexander Rukovishnikov, 1998.


  • Equestrian of Prince Michael of Tver at the Sovietskaya Square by Andrey Kovalchuk, 2008.


  • Equestrian statue of Gesar by Alexander Mironov in the Victory avenue, 2006.


  • Monument to Salawat Yulayev on the Belaya River bank, sculptor Soslanbek Tavasiyev, 1967. Foto


  • Equestrian statue of Grigory Melekhov (hero of the And Quiet Flows the Don epic), close to Kruzhilinsky khutor.
  • Equestrian statue of Grigory Melekhov and Aksinia Astakhova (heroes of the And Quiet Flows the Don epic), at the bank of Don.


  • Monument to Grand Prince Vladimir and Saint Theodore I of Rostov by Sergey Isakov, 28.07.2007.


  • Equestrian statue of Marshal Georgy Zhukov by Konstantin Grunberg, 1995. Foto


  • Equestrian statue of Nadezhda Durova by Fyodor Lyakh, 1993.


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