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List of equestrian statues in the United States

This is a list of equestrian statues in the United States.

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Alcalde, New Mexico

  • Juan de Oñate Monument.

Arlington, Virginia

  • Field Marshall John Dill, Arlington National Cemetery by Herbert Haseltine, 1950.
  • Philip Kearny, by Edward Clark Potter, Arlington National Cemetery.

Baltimore, Maryland

  • John Eager Howard Monument, Washington Place, by Emmanuel Frémiet, 1904.
  • Marquis de La Fayette Monument, Washington Place, by Andrew O'Connor, 1924.

Boston, Massachusetts

  • George Washington, by Thomas Ball, 1869.
  • General Joseph Hooker by Daniel Chester French and Edward Clark Potter, 1903.
  • Appeal to the Great Spirit by Cyrus Dallin, 1904.
  • Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, 1940.

Buffalo, New York

  • Francisco Pizarro Monument, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, by Charles Cary Rumsey, 1910, cast in 1920.

Charlottesville, Virginia

  • George Rogers Clark, by Robert Aitken, 1921.
  • Stonewall Jackson by Charles Keck, 1921.
  • Robert E. Lee, by Henry Shrady, finished by Leo Lentilli, 1924.

Chicago, Illinois

  • General Ulysses S. Grant by Louis T. Rebisso, 1891.
  • A Signal of Peace by Cyrus Dallin, 1894.
  • General John A. Logan by Augustus Saint-Gaudens and Alexander Phimister Proctor, 1897.
  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko by Kasmir Chodzinski, 1904.
  • George Washington Memorial, by Daniel Chester French and Edward Clark Potter, 1904.
  • General Philip Sheridan by Gutzon Borglum, 1923.
  • Indians, two statues by Ivan Meštrović, 1928.
  • Thomas Masaryk Memorial by Albin Polasek, 1941.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

  • William Jackson Palmer by Nathan Potter, 1929.

Denver, Colorado

  • On the War Path by Alexander Phimister Proctor, 1923.
  • Buckaroo by Alexander Phimister Proctor, 1920.
  • Pioneer Monument, topped by an equestrian Kit Carson by Frederick MacMonnies.

Detroit, MI

  • Thaddeus Kosciuszko by Leonard Marconi, Original Casting: 1904, Establishment of this copy, 1978.
  • Major General Alpheus Starkey Williams by Henry Merwin Shrady, 1921.

El Paso, Texas

  • Juan de Oñate "The Equestrian" Monument, at the El Paso International Airport, by John Sherrill Houser, 2006 tall - 36 ft. [1] (11 m)

Hoboken, New Jersey

  • The Torch Bearers by Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1955.

Houston, Texas

  • Bronze equestrian of Sam Houston, by Enrico Filiberto Cerracchio, at the entrance of Hermann Park, 1925.

Kansas City, Missouri

  • The Scout, by Cyrus Dallin, on a hill overlooking Downtown Kansas City in Penn Valley Park, 1915.

McPherson, Kansas

  • Bronze equestrian of Civil War General James B. McPherson in the courtyard of the McPherson County Courthouse, 1917.

Madison, New Jersey

  • Francis Asbury by Augustus Lukeman, 1926.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  • General Thaddeus Kosciuszko, Kosciuszko Park, by Gaetano Trentanove, 1906.
  • Brigadier General Erastus B. Wolcott, Lake Park, by Francis Herman Packer, 1920.
  • Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben West Lisbon Avenue, by J. Otto Schweizer, 1921.

Morristown, New Jersey

  • George Washington by F.G.R. Roth, 1928.

Newark, New Jersey

  • George Washington by J. Massey Rhind.
  • Bartolommeo Colleoni by J. Massey Rhind - a 1916 copy of Andrea del Verrocchio's statue.

New York City

  • George III, raised in Bowling Green Park 1770; torn down for musket balls 1776.
  • George Washington, by Henry Kirke Brown and John Quincy Adams Ward, 1856.
  • Abraham Lincoln, from the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, by Thomas Eakins and William R. O'Donovan, 1892.
  • Ulysses S. Grant, from the Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, by Thomas Eakins and William R. O'Donovan, 1892.
  • The Horse Tamers, Park Circle, Brooklyn, by Frederick MacMonnies, 1899.
    • Gilded statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman, Central Park, 59th Street and Fifth Avenue by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1903.
  • General Henry Warner Slocum, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, by Frederick MacMonnies, 1905.
  • Washington at Valley Forge by Henry Shrady, 1906.
  • Franz Sigel by Karl Bitter, 1907.
  • Joan of Arc, Riverside Park at 93rd Street by Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1915.
  • Simón Bolívar, by Sally James Farnham Central Park South at Avenue of the Americas, 1921.
  • El Cid, courtyard of the Hispanic Society of America by Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1927.
  • King Jagiello, Central Park, by Stanislaw Kazimierz Ostowski, pre 1939.
  • Roosevelt Memorial, in front of the American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West by James Earle Fraser, 1940.
  • Peace, the United Nations Gardens by Antun Augustinčić, 1954.
  • José Martí, Central Park, by Anna Hyatt Huntington, 1965.

Palmyra, Tennessee

  • Andrew Jackson, by Enoch Tanner Wickham, 1961.
  • Dr. John W. Wickham, by Enoch Tanner Wickham, 1959.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • General George Gordon Meade by Alexander Milne Calder, 1887.
  • Joan of Arc by Emmanuel Frémiet, 1890.
  • General George B. McClellan by Henry Jackson Ellicott, 1894.
  • Washington Monument by Rudolph Siemering, 1897.
  • General John Fulton Reynolds by John Rogers, 1884.
  • General Ulysses S. Grant by Daniel Chester French and Edward Clark Potter, 1897.
  • The Medicine Man, by Cyrus Dallin, 1899.
  • Cowboy by Frederick Remington, 1908.
  • General Winfield Scott Hancock by John Quincy Adams Ward, 1910.
  • General George B. McClellan by Edward Clark Potter, 1912.
  • General Anthony Wayne by John Gregory, 1937.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

  • George Washington, West Park, by R.I. Pausch, 1891.

Portland, Oregon

Richmond, Virginia

  • Washington Memorial, Thomas Crawford, 1857.

The following statues are located on Monument Avenue.

  • Robert E. Lee by Antonin Mercié, 1890.
  • JEB Stuart by Frederick Moynihan, 1907.
  • Stonewall Jackson by Frederick William Sievers, 1919.

St. Louis, Missouri

  • Bronze equestrian Apotheosis of Saint Louis in front of the Saint Louis Art Museum by Charles Niehaus.

San Diego, California

  • El Cid, Balboa Park by Anna Hyatt Huntington.

San Francisco, California

  • Simón Bolívar in U.N. Plaza.

Trinidad, Colorado

  • Kit Carson cast bronze in Kit Carson Park by Augustus Lukeman and Frederic Roth (completed in 1912). Is widely considered to be the finest equestrian statue in North America.

Walpole, Massachusetts

  • Lt Lewis an officer in Queen Anne's War.

Washington, D.C.

See also: Outdoor sculpture in Washington, D.C.
  • Jeanne D'Arc, by Paul DuBois, Meridian Hill Park, 1922.
  • Francis Asbury, by Augustus Lukeman, 16th and Mount Pleasant Streets NW, 1921.
  • South American liberator Simón Bolívar, by Felix George Weichs de Weldon. On 18th St. at C St. and Virginia Ave. NW. At 27 feet tall it is possibly tallest equestrian statue in U.S., 1959.
  • South American liberator Simón Bolívar, by Emile Antoine Bourdelle. Courtyard of the O.A.S. Building.
  • Spanish general and Revolutionary War hero Bernardo de Gálvez, by Juan De Avalos, near the State Department, 1976.
  • Civil War General and President Ulysses S. Grant by Henry Merwin Shrady, 1922.
  • Revolutionary War General Nathanael Greene, by Henry Kirke Brown, at Stanton Square, 1877.
  • General and President Andrew Jackson, by Clark Mills, Lafayette Square, 1852. The oldest equestrian statue in Washington, DC.
  • General and U.S. Senator, John A. Logan, by Franklin Simmons, Logan Circle, 1893.
  • Gold-plated equestrian of General George B. McClellan on Connecticut Avenue.
  • Civil War General James B. McPherson in McPherson Square, 1876.
  • Brigadier General Count Casimir Pulaski by Kasimiriez Chodzinski, at Freedom Plaza, 1910.
  • Civil War General Philip H. Sheridan by Gutzon Borglum, Sheridan Circle, 1908.
  • General William Tecumseh Sherman, Sherman Square, by Carl Rohl-Smith, 1898.
  • Civil War General George Henry Thomas by John Quincy Adams Ward at the Thomas Circle.
  • Lieutenant General George Washington, by Clark Mills, Washington Circle, 1860.
  • George Washington, by Herbert Haseltine, Washington National Cathedral grounds, 1959.
  • John Wesley by Arthur George Walker, American University campus, 1961.



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