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Little Tricky

Little Tricky was a horse ridden by American Bruce Davidson in the sport of eventing.

  • Nickname: Tricky
  • Foaled: 1991
  • Height: 16.2 hh (168 cm)
  • Markings: stripe, white to coronet off fore, to half-pastern near fore, to half-cannon both hind
  • Rider: Bruce Davidson
  • Owners: Bruce Davidson, Debbie Furnas, Joan Bergman

Little Tricky is a gelding currently competing at the highest level of eventing, campaigned by rider and co-owner, Bruce Davidson. He has competed at multiple advanced horse trials, including the Rolex Kentucky Three Day and the Burghley Horse Trials, although he has not won any CCI****. Tricky's best phase is said to be cross-country, where he rarely has jump penalties, his worst is show jumping.

As of Feb. 2006, Little Tricky was for sale for $100,000.

Competition Record (Completed Competitions Only)


  • 4th Wits End Advanced H.T. (Advanced)
  • 11th Millbrook H.T. (Advanced)
  • 9th Fair Hill International (Advanced)


  • 7th Rolex Kentucky Three-day Event CCI****
  • 8th Morven Park Spring H.T. (Advanced)
  • 6th Southern Pines H.T. (Advanced)


  • 6th Burghley Three-day Event CCI****
  • 5th Millbrook H.T. (Advanced)
  • 11th Over The Walls H.T. (Advanced)
  • 8th Kentucky Three-day Event CCI****
  • 7th Red Hills H.T. CIC*** & W-QUALIFIER
  • 3rd Rocking Horse Winter H.T. (Advanced)


  • 18th Kentucky Three-day Event CCI****
  • 2nd Morven Park H.T.(Advanced)
  • 11th Rocking Horse Stables H.T. (Advanced)


  • 41st Burghley Three-Day Event CCI****
  • 15th Over The Walls H.T. (Advanced)
  • 4th Kentucky Three-day Event CCI****
  • 15th North American Beaulieu Classic (Advanced)
  • 5th Red Hills H.T. (Advanced)


  • 8th Fair Hill Int'l Three-day Event ***
  • 10th Morven Park HT (Advanced)
  • 5th Middletown Pony Club H.T. (Open Intermediate)
  • 1st Morven Park Spring H.T. (Advanced)
  • 3rd Pine Top Farm Spring Advanced H.T. (Advanced)
  • 2nd Red Hills HT (Open Intermediate)
  • 3rd Basingstoke Farms H.T. (AI)


  • 31st Kentucky Three-day Event CCI***
  • 13th Morven Park Spring H.T. (Advanced)
  • 14th Pine Top Spring H.T. (Intermediate)


  • 22nd Groton House Farm H.T. (Advanced)
  • 6th Beaulieu North American Classic H.T. (Advanced)
  • 10th Morven Park Spring H.T. (Advanced)
  • 27th Pine Top Spring H.T. (Advanced)
  • 10th Sharpton Winter H.T. (AI)


  • 37th Radnor Hunt International Three-day Event CCI**
  • 2nd Middletown Pony Club H.T. (Intermediate)
  • 11th Fair Hill H.T. (Intermediate)
  • 12th Bromont Three-day Event CCI**
  • 3rd CDCTA Spring HT (Intermediate)
  • 2nd Pleasant Hollow Farms H.T. (Intermediate)
  • 7th Morven Park Spring H.T. (Intermediate)
  • 8th Middletown Pony Club H.T. (Preliminary)
  • 3rd Sharpton Winter H.T. (Preliminary)
  • 1st Valhalla Farm H.T.(Preliminary)
  • 16th Canterbury H.T. (Preliminary)


  • 5th Loudoun Hunt P.C. Spring H.T. (Preliminary)
  • 9th Valhalla Farm H.T. (Preliminary)


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