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Louisiana Derby top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Louisiana Derby, an American Grade 2 race for three year-olds at 1-1/8 miles on dirt held at Fair Grounds Race Course in New Orleans, Louisiana.[1] (List 1973-present)

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Mission Impazable A Little Warm Drosselmeyer 13
2009 Friesan Fire Papa Clem Terrain 9
2008 Pyro My Pal Charlie Yankee Bravo 9
2007 Circular Quay Ketchikan Zanjero 8
2006 No Race No Race No Race 0
2005 High Limit Vicarage Storm Surge 9
2004 Wimbledon Borrego Pollard's Vision 11
2003 Peace Rules Funny Cide Lone Star Sky 10
2002 Repent Easyfromthegitgo It'sallinthechase 7
2001 Fifty Stars Millenium Wind Hero's Tribute 9
2000 Mighty More Than Ready Captain Steve 10
1999 Kimberlite Pipe Answer Lively Ecton Park 8
1998 Comic Strip Nite Dreamer Captain Maestri 10
1997 Crypto Star Stop Watch Smoke Glacken 9
1996 Grindstone Zarb's Magic Commanders Palace 8
1995 Petionville In Character Moonlight Dancer 11
1994 Kandaly Game Coin Argolid 10
1993 Dixieland Heat Offshore Pirate Tossofthecoin 13
1992 Line In The Sand Hill Pass Colony Light 9
1991 Richman Near the Limit Far Out Wadleigh 11
1990 Heaven Again Big E. Z. Very Formal 9
1989 Dispersal Majesty's Imp Dansil 9
1988 Risen Star Word Pirate Pastourrelles 9
1987 J. T.'s Pet Authentic Hero Plumcake 8
1986 Country Light Bolshoi Boy Lightning Touch 13
1985 Violado Creme Fraiche Irish Fighter 11
1984 Taylor's Special Silent King Fight Over 7
1983 Balboa Native Found Pearl Harbor Slewpy 8
1982 El Baba Linkage Spoonful of Honey 8
1981 Woodchopper A Run Beau Rit 13
1980 Prince Valiant Native Uproar Brent's Trans Am 10
1979 Golden Act Rivalero Incredible Ease 9
1978 Esop's Foibles Quadratic Batonnier 10
1977 Clev Er Tell Run Dusty Run A Letter to Harry 9
1976 Johnny Appleseed Glassy Dip Gay Jitterbug 15
1975 Master Derby Colonel Power Honey Mark 11
1974 Sellout Buck's Bid Beau Groton 12
1973 Leo's Pisces Navajo Angle Light 11

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  1. Stakes Histories, The Original Racing Almanac 2009, page 382-383 on June 26, 2008.


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