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Masayoshi Ebina

Masayoshi Ebina
Masayoshi Ebina and Fast Friend (Apr 30, 2001)
Occupation Jockey
Birthplace 22x20px JapanHokkaidō
Birth date 19, 1969 (1969-03-19) (age 48)
Career wins 1,676 (thru Dec28-08)
Major racing wins, honours & awards
Major racing wins
Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud (1999)
Japan Cup (1998)
Arima Kinen (2001, 2007)
Tenno Sho (1996, 2002)
Hong Kong Cup (1995)
Racing awards
JRA champion jockey (2001)
Minpou kisha club shō (1987)

Masayoshi Ebina (蛯名 正義 Ebina Masayoshi?) (born in Hokkaidō, Japan) is a Japanese jockey. Nicknamed Ebi-Shō.

He is best known for riding El Condor Pasa.That won the Japan Cup (1998) and second in Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (1999).

Major wins

Flag of France France

Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong

Flag of Japan Japan

  • Arima Kinen - (2) - Manhattan Cafe (2001), Matsurida Gogh (2007)
  • Japan Breeding farm's Cup Sprint - (1) - Nobo Jack (2001)
  • Teio sho - (1) - Fast Friend (2000)
  • Tenno Sho (Autumn) - (1) - Bubble Gum Fellow (1996)
  • Tenno Sho (Spring) -(1) - Manhattan Cafe (2002)

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