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Meadowlands Pace

The Meadowlands Pace is a harness race for three-year-old pacers, held at the Meadowlands Racetrack, New Jersey. It is the richest pacing race in the United States at $1 million.

Past Winners of the Meadowlands Pace

Year Winner Time Driver Owner Trainer
2009 Well Said 1:47.3 Ron Pierce Jeffrey Snyder Steve Elliott
2008 Art Official 1:47.0 Ron Pierce Sawgrass Farms Joe Seekman
2007 Southwind Lynx 1:49.1 Tim Tetrick K&R Racing & Teague Inc. George Teague, Jr.
2006 Artistic Fella 1:48.4 Cat Manzi Joseph Alborano Steve Elliott
2005 Rocknroll Hanover 1:48.3 Brian Sears Jeffrey Snyder & Lothlorien Equestrian Center Brett Pelling
2004 Holborn Hanover 1:49.0 Jim Morrill, Jr. John Fielding Canamerica Capital Corp. Mark Harder
2003 Allamerican Theory 1:49.3 Mike Lachance John Levy Racing Ltd. & Mark Scholes Des Tackoor
2002 Mach Three 1:49.0 John Campbell Joseph V. Muscara Monte Gelrod
2001 Real Desire 1:49.3 John Campbell Brittany Farms, Robert Burgess, Karin Olssen-Burgess, Perretti Farms Blair Burgess
2000 Gallo Blue Chip 1:50.4 Daniel Dube Martin Scharf Mark Ford
1999 The Panderosa 1:49.3 John Campbell Peter Pan Stables Brett Pelling
1998 Day In A Life 1:51.1 Luc Ouellette R. Peter Heffering & Schoor Racing Stable Monte Gelrod
1997 Dream Away 1:50.2 Ron Pierce Katz, Goldband & Libfeld Brett Pelling
1996 Hot Lead 1:51.4 George Brennan White Birch Farm Brian Magie
1995 David’s Pass 1:50.4 John Campbell RJS Stable Brett Pelling
1994 Cam’s Card Shark 1:50.0 John Campbell Jeffrey Snyder Bill Robinson
1993 Presidential Ball 1:50.0 Jack Moiseyev Antonio Chiaravalle Bill Robinson
1992 Carlsbad Cam 1:51.0 Rod Allen Carl & Rod Allen Stb. & Loren Houston Carl Allen
1991 Precious Bunny 1:49.4 Jack Moiseyev R. Peter Heffering Bill Robinson
1990 Beach Towel 1:52.3 Ray Remmen Uptown Stable Ray Remmen
1989 Dexter Nukes 1:51.3 John Campbell Thomas Dexter George Gilmour
1988 Matt’s Scooter 1:52.1 Mike Lachance Gordon & Illa Rumpel, Charles Juravinski Harry Poulton
1987 Frugal Gourmet 1:52.0 Trevor Ritchie Excellent Stb. of Toronto Blair Burgess
1986 Laughs 1:52.1 Wm Gilmour Friends Stable Charles Sylvester
1985 Nihilator 1:50.3 Wm O’Donnell Wall St./Nihilator Syndicate William Haughton
1984 On The Road Again 1:53.3 Wm Gilmour Gordon & Illa Rumpel Harry Poulton
1983 Ralph Hanover 1:54.1 Ron Waples Waples, Pointsetta and Grants Direct Stbs. Stew Firlotte
1982 Hilarion 1:54.1 John Campbell Star Stables Jerry Silverman
1981 Conquered 1:53.4 John Hayes Jr. BeeJay Stables and Charles Juravinski John Hayes Jr.
1980 Niatross 1:53.1 Clint Galbraith Niatross Stable, Niagra Acres & Clint Galbraith Clint Galbraith
1979 Sonsam 1:53.2 George Sholty Sonsam Stable George Sholty
1978 Falcon Almahurst 1:55.1 Wm Haughton Hill Farms William Haughton
1977 Escort 1:54.4 Carl LeCause Bernard & Rosalind Mann Carl LeCause


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