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Medialuna de Osorno

Coordinates: 40°34′35″S 73°10′39″W / -40.576298°N 73.177636°W / -40.576298; -73.177636

La Medialuna de Osorno is the rodeo stadium of Osorno, Chile.

Rodeo is Chile's official sport, and uses a specialized stadium known as a medialuna (literally "crescent"). Chilean rodeos are not quite the same sport famous in the American West; they involve two riders on horseback trying to herd a bull around a circular arena, attempting to pin him against several large cushions.

The Medialuna de Osorno was the first covered medialuna in Chile, and is considered one of the highest quality. Rodeos are organized by the Club Osorno René Soriano Bórquez. It boasts a 64-meter diameter arena, seating capacity of approximately 4,800, and an in-house casino.

In 2006, the medialuna was the qualifying arena for the Southern Region of the Campeonato Nacional de Rodeo, the nation-wide Rodeo competition.

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