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Melbourne 3 day event

File:Werribee 14-06-2010 0113a.jpg
Shane Rose and Statford Novalis Competing at the 2010 Melbourne 3 Day Event

The Melbourne 3 Day Event is an equestrian event which comprises dressage, cross-country and show-jumping. It was first run in 1957, making it Australia's oldest horse trial and the second oldest in the world. The only older Event is Badminton in England. The Event was established shortly after the first Australian competed at the Melbourne Olympics as a proving ground for horses and riders to prepare for future Olympics.[1]

The M3DE has also been a qualifier for the FEI World Cup Eventing since 2003. This class (the CIC-W***) offers Australian riders the opportunity to compete in the FEI World Cup, held annually in different locations around the world.[2]


In recent years, the Event has been held at Werribee Park National Equestrian Centre in Werribee, a western suburb of Melbourne. The venue is adjacent to Werribee Park, which includes the Werribee Mansion and the State Rose Garden. On Cross Country Day, the horses and riders wind their way through the Mansion Grounds and State Rose Garden, making M3DE one if the most picturesque spectacles in the world.[1]

Werribee is one of 3 venues that the Event has run at over the years.[3]

Previous winners

Open - Advanced - CCI***

Year Rider Horse
1957 M. Barns Dorian
1958 B. Jacobs Dopey
1959 No Winner No Winner
1960 B. McIntyre Alpine
1961 B. Roycroft Robin Hood
1962 B. Roycroft Robin Hood
1963 B. Cobcroft Robin Hood
1964 G. Barker Nevermind
1965 E. Barker Galway
1966 B. Roycroft Avatar
1967 S. Harvey Charilla
1968 R.Godfrey King Hua
1969 E. Barker Sammy
1970 E. Barker Sammy
1971 R. Sands Cypress Point
1972 E. Barker Marksman
1973 D. Pigott Hillstead
1974 B. Roycroft Version
1975 D. Pigott Hillstead
1976 P. Young Metaluna
1977 P. Glennen Rangefinder
1978 M. Bennett Regal Reign
1979 M. Bennett Regal Reign
1980 L. Prior-Palmer Rippling Rumour
1981 Andrew Hoy Davey
1982 C. Irving Edgehill Charlie
1983 V. Roycroft Faro
1984 L. Brodbeck Montago Gold
1985 S. Keach Trade Commissioner
1986 Andrew Hoy Kiwi
1987 Andrew Hoy Kiwi
1988 L. Hayward Delatite Comic
1989 I. Stark Foxy V
1990 Heath Ryan Looking Good
1991 Andrew Hoy Kiwi
1992 P. Cribb Navarone
1993 P. Cribb Navarone
1994 C. Barrett Elbacee Masterpiece
1995 R. Brown Mighty Heights
1996 J. Cooper Falcon Ivory
1997 S. Tinney Jeepster
1998 Shane Rose It’s A Knockout
1999 C. Bates Masterprint
2000 S. Tinney Belcam Aava
2001 S. McLeod Frederick Hunter
2002 D. Middleton Willowbank Jack
2003 T. Boland Limitless
2004 E. Anker Balmoral Cavalier
2005 Megan Jones Kirby Park Irish Jester
2006 Sonja Johnson Ringwould Jaguar
2007 W. Schaeffer Koyuna Sun Dancer
2008 Megan Jones Kirby Park Irish Jester
2009 Megan Jones Kirby Park Allofasudden
2010 Sonja Johnson Ringwould Jaguar


Year Rider Horse
2003 N. Roe Wondaree Hooley Dooley
2004 Sonja Johnson Ringwould Jaguar
2005 O. Bunn GV Top Of The Line
2006 E. Armstrong Voortrekker
2007 N. Siiankoski Kolora Stud Archie
2008 W. Schaeffer Koyuna Sun Dancer



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