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Melissa Moore

Melissa Ann Moore (born December 27, 1963 in Versailles, Kentucky) is an American B-movie actress, scream queen, and is a successful equestrian.[1]


Early years

Melissa Moore was born in Versailles, Kentucky, the daughter of Tom and Donna Moore. Her father was a well known professional horse trainer.[citation needed] She began riding when she was six years old and by the time she was twelve had won her first world championship.[citation needed] By the time she was seventeen she had won eight world championship and now is a professional horse trainer.[citation needed]

Melissa Moore graduated from Woodford County High School, Versailles, Kentucky, and from Brooks College, Long Beach, California. She graduated top of her class and received the award for “Outstanding Student”.[citation needed] She was Valedictorian of her college class.[citation needed]



Year Film Role Notes
1987 Evil Spawn Monica Roarke aka Alien Within, Alive by Night, Deadly Sting, & Metamorphosis (Australia)
1988 Bluegrass uncredited (TV)


Scream Dream Jamie Summers
Samurai Cop
Caged Fury Gloria


Vampire Cop Melanie Roberts
Sorority House Massacre 2 Jessica aka Night Frenzy, Nighty Nightmare
The Invisible Maniac Bunny aka The Invisible Sex Maniac (USA)
Hard to Die Tess aka Sorority House Massacre 3 (USA) & Tower of Terror
Fatal Skies Suzy
Repossessed Bimbo Student
Vice Academy Part 2 Glaze
1991 The Killing Zone Tracy aka Encuentro final (USA)


Soulmates Laura aka Blood Love (UK) & Evil Lives (USA)
Mad at the Moon Miss Saunders
Into the Sun Female Sergeant
The Other Woman Elysse
Consenting Adults Trudy Seaton


Savage Vengeance Singer aka I Spit on Your Grave 2: Savage Vengeance (USA)
Da Vinci’s War Fred
Angelfist Lorda


The Feminine Touch Tall Blonde aka November Conspiracy
One Man Army Natalie Pierce aka Kick & Fury


Stormswept Dottie
Friendship’s Field Jane
Compelling Evidence Stephanie Roberts
Bikini Drive-In uncredited


Face of Evil Grad Student Tour Guide (TV)
A Loss of Innocence (TV) Esther Bowen-Dorius aka The End of Eden (Australia)
2000 Mortality Melissa Moore II
2003 Hellborn Nurse Ryan aka Asylum of the Damned (USA)


Year Title Notes
1991 Shock Cinema Vol. 2 Herself


Scream Queens Swimsuit Sensations Herself
Invasion of the Scream Queens Herself
Playboy: Sexy Lingerie IV Herself
1994 Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater episode #1 Herself
1998 The Dark Side of Hollywood Herself

Archive Footage

Year Title Notes
1991 Scream Queen Hot Tub Party Uncredited


She has a comic book, Melissa Moore, Bodyguard, based on her.


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