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Michael Whitaker

Medal record
Olympic Games
Silver 1984 Los Angeles Team jumping
World Championships
Silver 1986 Aachen Team jumping
Bronze 1990 Stockholm Team jumping
European Championships
Gold 1985 Dinard Team jumping
Gold 1987 St. Gallen Team jumping
Gold 1989 Rotterdam Team jumping
Silver 1989 Rotterdam Individual jumping
Silver 1991 La Baule Team jumping
Silver 1993 Gijon Team jumping
Bronze 1993 Gijon Individual jumping
Silver 1995 St. Gallen Team jumping
Silver 1995 St. Gallen Individual jumping
Bronze 1997 Mannheim Team jumping
Bronze 2007 Mannheim Team jumping

Michael Whitaker (born April 17, 1960) is a British Olympic equestrian rider, who competes in the sport of show jumping.



Younger brother of John Whitaker, Michael Whitaker began competing on ponies at the age of 7 years. At the age of 16, he made his debut in international competitions and at 20 years in 1980, he became the youngest winner of the famous Hickstead Derby. In September 1993 he took over from his brother John as the world’s no.1 show jumping rider.

Major achievements

  • 1984: Olympic Games, Los Angeles. Team Silver medal with Overton Amanda
  • 1987: European Championships, St. Gallen. Team Gold Medal with Overton Amanda
  • 1989: European Championships, Rotterdam. Team Gold Medal and individual silver medal with Mon Santa
  • 1990: World Equestrian Games, Stockholm. Team Bronze medal with Mon Santa
  • 1991: European Championships, La Baule. Team Silver medal with Mon Santa
  • 1993: European Championships, Gijon. Team Silver medal and individual bronze with Midnight Madness
  • 1995: European Championships, St. Gallen. Silver medals in team and individual with Two Step
  • 1997: European Championships, Mannheim. Team Bronze Medal with Ashley
  • 2001: World Cup Final, Gothenburg. 3rd place with Handel II
  • 2005: World Cup Final, Las Vegas 2nd place with Portofino 63
  • 2007: European Championships, Mannheim. Team Bronze Medal with Portofino 63


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