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Mile Championship

Grade 1 race
Mile Championship
Location Kyoto Racecourse, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Inaugurated 1984
Race type Thoroughbred
Website japanracing.jp/
Race information
Distance 1600 meters
(About 8 furlongs / 1 mile)
Track Turf, Right-handed
Qualification 3-y-o & Up, Thoroughbreds
Weight 3-y-o 56 kg / 4-y-o & up 57 kg
Purse ¥213,000,000 (as of 2007)

The Mile Championship is a International Grade I flat horse race in Japan for three-year-old and above thoroughbreds run over a distance of 1,600 metres (approximately 1 mile) on the turf at Kyoto Racecourse in November. It was first run in 1984.

It has now become common for horses who do well in this race to travel to Hong Kong and race in the Hong Kong Mile held in mid December.

Winners since 1994







1994 North Flight 4 Koichi Tsunoda Keiji Kato Taihoku Bokujo 1:33.0
1995 Trot Thunder 6 Norihiro Yokoyama Katsutoshi Aikawa Teruo Fujimoto 1:33.7
1996 Genuine 4 Yukio Okabe Yasuhisa Matsuyama Shadai Race Horse Co Ltd 1:33.8
1997 Taiki Shuttle 3 Norihiro Yokoyama Kazuo Fujisawa Taiki Farm 1:33.3
1998 Taiki Shuttle 4 Yukio Okabe Kazuo Fujisawa Taiki Farm 1:33.3
1999 Air Jihad 4 Masayoshi Ebina Masanori Ito Lucky Field Co Ltd 1:32.8
2000 Agnes Digital 3 Hitoshi Matoba Toshiaki Shirai Takao Watanabe 1:32.6
2001 Zenno El Cid 4 Olivier Peslier Kazuo Fujisawa Shinobu Oosako 1:33.2
2002 Tokai Point 6 Masayoshi Ebina Yoshiyuki Goto Masanori Uchimura 1:32.8
2003 Durandal 4 Kenichi Ikezoe Masahiro Sakaguchi Teruya Yoshida 1:33.3
2004 Durandal 5 Kenichi Ikezoe Masahiro Sakaguchi Teruya Yoshida 1:33.0
2005 Hat Trick 4 Olivier Peslier Katsuhiko Sumii Carrot Farm Co Ltd 1:32.1
2006 Daiwa Major 5 Katsumi Ando Hiroyuki Uehara Keizo Oshiro 1:32.7
2007 Daiwa Major 6 Katsumi Ando Hiroyuki Uehara Keizo Oshiro 1:32.7
2008 Blumenblatt 5 Yutaka Yoshida Sei Ishizaka Carrot Farm 1:32.6
2009 Company 8 Norihiro Yokoyama Hidetaka Otonashi Hideko Kondo 1:33.2

Earlier winners

  • 1984 - Nihon Pillow Winner
  • 1985 - Nihon Pillow Winner
  • 1986 - Takara Steel
  • 1987 - Nippo Teio
  • 1988 - Soccer Boy
  • 1989 - Oguri Cap
  • 1990 - Passing Shot
  • 1991 - Daitaku Helios
  • 1992 - Daitaku Helios
  • 1993 - Shinko Lovely

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