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Miracle Mile (race)

The Miracle Mile is an Australian harness racing event that was held at Harold Park Racetrack each November up until 2008 when the race was switched to Menangle Park. The final winner at Harold Park was Divisive whose win held more history than just having the honour of being the last winner of the race at the Glebe circuit. Divisive was driven by Peter Rixon who is married to Cindy Rixon (nee Turnbull) whose father Tony had driven the immortal Hondo Grattan to victory in 1974. Added to this was the fact that Steve Turnbull (brother of Cindy) also won the Mile with Smooth Satin in 2001! Prizemoney has long been among that of Australia’s leading harness races and has often included bonuses for speed. The fastest ‘miles’ were 1.55.6 by Westburn Grant in 1990, 1:56.1 by Master Mood and 1:56.2 by Chokin. Since the race distance became 1760 metres the fastest mile rates have been 1:54.2 by Iraklis and 1:54.4 by Christian Cullen.

Race history

The race was held twice in 1986 due to a change of dates from January to November/December, and again in 1996 due to the postponement of the 1995 race caused by track redesign and construction. When the new track opened in 1996 the race distance was changed from one mile (1609m ) to 1760m before reverting back to one mile at Menangle Park. The 2007 running was abandoned due to the Equine Influenza outbreak. From 2009, the race moved to Menangle Park with the first winner at the new circuit being the New Zealander Monkey King in a track record time of 1.50:8. The Miracle Mile proved elusive to legendary reinsman Brian Hancock who trained one winner in Our Sir Vancelot but due to suspension was unable to drive the three-times Inter Dominion champion on the night of his win in 1997. As set out below there have been several dual winners of the flying mile - notably Be Good Johnny, Sokyola, Holmes DG, Chokin, Westburn Grant and Village Kid. Champion NZ driver Tony Herlihy has driven the most winners of the race with 3 wins. Other items of interest include the first female driver to win the race being Kellie Kersley in 1996.

Previous winners

  • 2008 - Divisive
  • 2004 - Sokyola
  • 2003 - Sokyola
  • 2003 - Double Identity
  • 2001 - Smooth Satin
  • 2000 - Holmes D G
  • 1999 - Holmes D G
  • 1996 - Iraklis
  • 1996 - Norm’s Daughter
  • 1992 - Franco Tiger
  • 1991 - Christopher Vance
  • 1990 - Westburn Grant
  • 1989 - Westburn Grant
  • 1988 - Our Maestro
  • 1986 - Master Mood
  • 1985 - Preux Chevalier
  • 1984 - Double Agent
  • 1982 - Gundary Flyer
  • 1981 - Friendly Footman
  • 1980 - Locarno
  • 1979 - The Scotsman
  • 1977 - Royal Force
  • 1973 - Reichman
  • 1972 - Bay Foyle
  • 1971 - Mount Eden
  • 1970 - Lucky Creed
  • 1969 - Adaptor
  • 1968 - Halwes
  • 1967 - Robin Dundee

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