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Miracle of the White Stallions

Miracle of the White Stallions
Directed by Arthur Hiller
Produced by Walt Disney
Written by novel Alois Podhajsky
screenplay AJ Carothers
Starring Robert Taylor
Lilli Palmer
Music by Paul J. Smith
Cinematography Günther Anders
Editing by Alfred Srp
Cotton Warburton
Studio Walt Disney Productions
Distributed by Buena Vista Distribution Company
Release date(s) 29 March 1963 (USA)
Running time 93 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Miracle of the White Stallions is a 1963 film released by Walt Disney starring Robert Taylor (playing Alois Podhajsky), Lilli Palmer, and Eddie Albert. It is the story of the evacuation of the Lipizzaner horses from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna during World War II. Major parts of the movie were shot in the Hermesvilla in Vienna.



In WWII Austria, Col. Alois Podhajsky sets out to protect his beloved Lipizzaner stallions and make sure that they are surrendered into the right hands. It is known that Patton is something of a horse fancier and might help, if he sees the stallions perform.[1]


  • Lilli Palmer - Vedena Podhajsky
  • Curd Jürgens - Gen. Tellheim
  • Eddie Albert - Rider Otto
  • James Franciscus - Maj. Hoffman
  • John Larch - Gen. Patton
  • Brigitte Horney - Countess Arco-Valley
  • Philip Abbott - Col. Reed
  • Douglas Fowley - U.S. General
  • Charles Régnier - Gen. Stryker
  • Fritz Wepper - Rider Hans
  • Guenther Haenel - Groom Sascha
  • Hans Habietinek - Innkeeper Hager
  • Philo Hauser - Dispatcher
  • Michael Janisch - Refugee Leader
  • Max Haufler - Engineer
  • Robert Dietl - German MP Captain
  • Erik Schumann - German Capt. Danhoff
  • Helmuth Janatsch - Intruder
  • Michael Tellering - Stryker's Adjutant


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