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Monmouth Oaks

Grade III race
Monmouth Oaks
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Location Monmouth Park Racetrack
Oceanport, New Jersey, USA
Inaugurated 1871
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.monmouthpark.com
Race information
Distance 1 1/16 miles
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-old fillies
Weight 122 lbs., allowances to 6 lbs. for non winners
Purse $200,000

The Monmouth Oaks is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey for three-year-old fillies. Named for England's Epsom Oaks, first run in 1779, the inaugural American edition took place in 1871. Originally raced over a distance of 1½ miles from 1871 through 1877, there was no race in 1878 but on its return the following year was modified to 1¼ miles.

In 1891, the New Jersey Legislature began a move to ban parimutuel betting and the Oaks had to be moved to the Jerome Park Racetrack in The Bronx, New York. With a legislated permanent ban, after the 1893 running the Monmouth Park Racetrack was shut down and the property sold. years. In 1946, Thoroughbred racing returned to a new Monmouth Park racing facility. The revived Monmouth Oaks was set at 1 1/16 miles and in 1997 Blushing K. D. set the existing record for that distance at 1:41.80.

Over the years, the Oaks has been won by some of the best fillies in the United States including U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductees, Dark Mirage (1968), Gallant Bloom (1969) and Desert Vixen (1973).

It is currently a Grade III stakes race with a purse of $200,000 divided 60% to the winning owner, 20% to second, 11% to third, 6% to fourth and 3% to fifth. There was no race held in 2003.

Winners of the Monmouth Oaks







2009 Just Jenda Gabriel Saez Larry Jones Cindy Jones 1:43.69
2008 Maren's Meadow Terry Thompson Larry Jones River Ridge Ranch 1:44.05
2007 Talkin About Love Stewart Elliot Kevin Sleeter Kevin Sleeter 1:43.78
2006 Mo Cuishle Jose Santos Todd Pletcher Martin, O'Grady, Rucker 1:43.00
2005 Flying Glitter Elvis Trujillo Ronny Werner Richard & Nancy Kaster 1:44.60
2004 Capeside Lady Chris Decarlo Todd Pletcher So Madcapt Stable 1:42.00
2003 no race
2002 Magic Storm Edwin L. King, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook & W. A. Marquard 1:51.00
2001 Unbridled Elaine Eibar Coa David R. Vance Roger J. Davenport 1:51.00
2000 Spain Jose A. Velez, Jr. D. Wayne Lukas The Thoroughbred Corp. 1:42.60
1999 Silverbulletday Jerry Bailey Bob Baffert Michael E. Pegram 1:43.00
1998 Kirby's Song Todd Kabel Tino Attard Kirby Canada Farm 1:43.20
1997 Blushing K. D. Lonnie Meche Sam B. David, Jr. James & Sue Burns 1:41.80
1996 Top Secret Joe Bravo George R. Arnold II John H. Peace 1:42.20
1995 Kathie's Colleen Jim McAleney Mike Keogh Gustav Schickedanz 1:51.40
1994 Two Altazano Craig Perret Michael Stidham Harold V. Goodman 1:52.00
1993 Jacody Tom Turner William Donovan Minrashe Nanbri 1:50.60
1992 Diamond Duo Tom Turner William Donovan H & D Stable 1:51.40
1991 Fowda Richard Migliore Richard J. Lundy Allen E. Paulson 1:50.40
1990 Pampered Star Jose C. Ferrer Robert J. Frankel Morley Engelson 1:52.40
1989 Dream Deal Craig Perret Joseph H. Pierce, Jr. G. Watts Humphrey, Jr. 1:49.20
1988 Maplejinsky Chris Antley Phillip G. Johnson Susan Kaskel 1:53.60
1987 Without Feathers Chris Antley D. Wayne Lukas Dennis Donahue 1:48.00
1986 Fighter Fox Herb McCauley LeRoy Jolley Kentucky Blue Stable 1:49.60
1985 Golden Horde Herb McCauley J. Willard Thompson Mrs. J. W. Walker Jr. 1:48.00
1984 Life's Magic Jorge Velasquez D. Wayne Lukas Hatley & G. Klein 1:50.00
1983 Quixotic Lady Eddie Maple Woody Stephens Ross Valley Farm 1:50.40
1982 Christmas Past Jacinto Vasquez Angel Penna, Jr. Cynthia Phipps 1:48.80
1981 Prismatical Don Brumfield Laz Barrera Happy Valley Farm 1:49.80
1980 Rose of Morn Don Brumfield Robert G. Vanwert Meadow Stable 1:50.40
1979 Burn's Return Jacinto Vasquez Scotty Schulhofer Ivanhoe Stable 1:48.80
1978 Sharp Belle D. Thomas Warren A. Croll, Jr. Aisco Stable 1:52.40
1977 Small Raja Mickey Solomone Thomas J. Kelly David P. Reynolds 1:49.60
1976 Revidere Jacinto Vasquez David A. Whiteley William Haggin Perry 1:50.60
1975 Aunt Jin Carlos Marquez W. "Sonny" Hightower Paul Cresci 1:49.20
1974 Honky Star Walter Blum Gordon Potter Dan Lasater 1:49.40
1973 Desert Vixen Michael Hole Thomas F. Root, Sr. Harry T. Mangurian, Jr. 1:49.00
1972 Summer Guest Ron Turcotte J. Elliott Burch Rokeby Stable 1:50.20
1971 Forward Gal Michael Hole Warren A. Croll, Jr. Aisco Stable 1:49.20
1970 Kilts N Kapers Garth Patterson Harold H. Goodwin Mrs. M. W. Schott 1:50.40
1969 Gallant Bloom Braulio Baeza William J. Hirsch King Ranch 1:50.80
1968 Dark Mirage Manuel Ycaza Everett W. King Lloyd I. Miller 1:51.40
1967 Quillo Queen Ernest Cardone James E. Picou Martin Anderson 1:52.20
1966 Natashka Bill Shoemaker William A. Peterson George F. Getty II 1:50.40
1965 Summer Scandal Garth Patterson Woods Garth Harborvale Stable 1:50.60
1964 Miss Cavandish Howard Grant Roger Laurin Harry S. Nichols 1:50.80
1963 Lamb Chop Howard Grant James W. Maloney William Haggin Perry 1:51.60
1962 Firm Policy Johnny Sellers E. Barry Ryan E. Barry Ryan 1:49.80
1961 My Portrait Ray Broussard Julius E. Tinsley, Jr. Fred W. Hooper 1:48.80
1960 Teacation Walter Blum Chuck R. Parke Fred W. Hooper 1:49.40
1959 Royal Native Joe Culmone Kenny Noe, Sr. Perne L. Grissom 1:50.60
1958 A Glitter Ismael Valenzuela Horace A. Jones Calumet Farm 1:52.40
1957 Romanita J. Skelly Frankie Sanders Reverie Knoll Farm 1:50.20
1956 Levee Hedley Woodhouse Norman R McLeod Vernon G. Cardy 1:48.80
1955 Misty Morn Eddie Arcaro Jim Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 1:50.60
1954 Evening Out Eddie Arcaro Jack Creevy Mrs. G. D. Widener 1:50.20
1953 Grecian Queen Nick Shuk James P. Conway Mrs. Ben F. Whitaker 1:51.20
1952 La Corredora Ira Hanford Carl Hanford Marion W. O'Connor 1:46.00
1951 Ruddy Ted Atkinson John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:48.00
1950 Siama Eddie Arcaro Moody Jolley Cain Hoy Stable 1:45.20
1949 Adile Eddie Arcaro Oscar White Mrs. Walter M. Jeffords 1:46.00
1948 Compliance James Stout G. H. Strate Lester Manor Stable 1:45.00
1947 First Flight Eddie Arcaro Sylvester Veitch C.V. Whitney 1:46.00
1946 Dorothy Brown Eric Guerin John B. Theall John B. Theall 1:45.20
1893 Augusta Belle John Lamley Not found G. H. Kernochan 2:10.75
1892 Yorkville Belle Isaac Burns Murphy Matthew M. Allen Frank A. Ehret 2:08.25
1891 Nellie Bly Fred Taral George H. Bostwick George H. Bostwick 2:16.25
1890 Her Highness Anthony Hamilton Not found August Belmont 2:15.00
1889 Senorita Anthony Hamilton Not found Samuel S. Brown 2:16.50
1888 Los Angeles William Hayward Robert E. Campbell E.J. "Lucky Baldwin 2:15.25
1887 Firenze Edward R. Garrison Matthew Byrnes James Ben Ali Haggin 2:12.50
1886 Dew Drop Jim McLaughlin Not found Dwyer Brothers Stable 2:10.75
1885 Wanda Onley Matthew Byrnes Pierre Lorillard IV 2:14.25
1884 Duchess William Donohue Not found E. V. Snedeker & Co. 2:14.00
1883 Miss Woodford Jim McLaughlin James G. Rowe, Sr. Dwyer Brothers Stable 2:20.50
1882 Hiawassa M. Feakes Matthew Byrnes Pierre Lorillard IV 2:23.00
1881 Thora William Donohue Not found C. Reed 2:14.50
1880 Nancy Lloyd Hughes Not found David D. Withers 2:19.25
1879 Ferida Lloyd Hughes Not found George L. Lorillard 2:16.00
1877 Zoo-Zoo Barrett Not found Pierre Lorillard IV 2:44.25
1876 Patience M. Feakes Not found August Belmont 2:48.25
1875 Ascension William Lakeland Not found William Cottrill 2:46.25
1874 Regardless Dan Sparling Not found F. Morris 2:45.00
1873 Lizzie Lucas George Barbee Not found Thomas W. Doswell 2:45.00
1872 Woodbine Floyd Not found August Belmont 2:42.00
1871 Salina R. Swim Not found Abraham Buford 2:43.50


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