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NHK Mile Cup

Grade 1 race
NHK Mile Cup
Location Tokyo Racecourse, Fuchu, Tokyo, Tokyo
Inaugurated 1996
Race type Thoroughbred
Website japanracing.jp/
Race information
Distance 1600 meters
(About 8 furlongs / 1 mile)
Track Turf, Left-handed
Qualification 3-y-o, colts & Fillies only, Thoroughbreds
Weight Colt 57 kg, Filly 55 kg; 2 kg allowance for Southern Hemisphere-breds
Purse ¥194,520,000 (2010)

File:Kurofune at NHK Mile Cup.jpg
The 6th(2001) winner Kurofune

The NHK Mile Cup (NHKマイルカップ (NHK Mairu Kappu?)) is a Grade 1 flat horse race in Japan for three-year-old and above thoroughbred colts and fillies, run over a distance of 1,600 metres (approximately 1 mile) on the turf at Tokyo Racecourse in May.

The NHK Mile Cup is sponsored by the Japanese public broadcasting organization NHK, and as such, this race is broadcasted not only on Fuji TV (one of NHK's competitors) but on both of the NHK channels that cover horse racing (General TV and BS-hi).

It is considered one of the prep races for both the Yushun Himba (the Japanese Oaks) and the Tokyo Yushun (the Japanese Derby).

Step Races

Race name Grade Racecourse Distance
1 Mainichi Hai GIII Hanshin Turf 1800m
2 Margelet Stakes OP Hanshin Turf 1400m
3 New Zealand Trophy GII Nakayama Turf 1600m
4 Oka Sho GI Hanshin Turf 1600m
5 Satsuki Sho GI Nakayama Turf 2000m







1996 Taiki Fortune Yoshitomi Shibata Yoshiyasu Takahashi Taiki Farm 1:32.6
1997 Seeking the Pearl Yutaka Take Hideyuki Mori Tomoko Uenaka 1:33.1
1998 El Condor Pasa Hitoshi Matoba Yoshitaka Ninomiya Takashi Watanabe 1:33.7
1999 Symboli Indy Norihiro Yokoyama Kazuo Fujisawa Symboli Bokujo 1:33.8
2000 Eagle Cafe Yukio Okabe Futoshi Kojima Kiyoshi Nishikawa 1:33.5
2001 Kurofune Yutaka Take Kunihide Matsuda Makoto Kaneko 1:33.0
2002 Telegnosis Masaki Katsuura Hiroaki Sugiura Shadai Racehorse co. 1:33.1
2003 Win Kluger Koshiro Take Shigeki Matsumoto Win Co. Ltd. 1:34.2
2004 King Kamehameha Katsumi Ando Kunihide Matsuda Makoto Kaneko 1:32.5
2005 Rhein Kraft Yuichi Fukunaga Tsutomu Setoguchi Shigemasa Ohsawa 1:33.6
2006 Logic Yutaka Take Kojiro Hashiguchi Koji Maeda 1:33.2
2007 Pink Kameo Hiroyuki Uchida Sakae Kunieda Kaneko Makoto Holdings co. ltd 1:34.3
2008 Deep Sky Hirofumi Shii Mitsugu Kon Toshio Fukami 1:34.2
2009 Jo Cappuccino Kota Fujioka Kazuya Nakatake Keiko Ueda 1:32.4
2010 Danon Chantilly Katsumi Ando Kunihide Matsuda Danox Co. Ltd. 1:31.4


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