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Nakayama Daishogai

The Nakayama Daishogai (中山大障害) is a Grade 1 steeplechase horse race in Japan open to thoroughbreds which are three-years-old or above.It is run over a distance of 4100m (2 1/2 miles + 84 feet) at Nakayama Racecourse every year in late December.

The race was first run in 1934 at that time named Daishogai Tokubetsu.Next year its name was changed to current name and held twice a year until 1998.In 1999, The Spring Nakayama Daishogai was renamed at Nakayama Grand Jump, but The Autumn was continued.

Winners since 1999






1999 Godspeed 5 Makoto Nishitani Tsutomu Setoguchi
2000 Land Power 5 Tomonori Kanaori Masaru Hukushima
2001 Yu Fuyoho 4 Yasunari Imamura Shigeki Matsumoto
2002 Gilded Age 5 Rochelle Lockett Shigeki Matsumoto
2003 Blandices * 7 Takashi Oehara Tatsuo Fujiwara
2004 Merci Taka O 5 Koichi Idetsu Kohei Take
2005 T M Dragon 3 Yuzo Shirahama Sadahiro Kojima
2006 Maruka Rascal 4 Makoto Nishitani Tsutomu Setoguchi
2007 Merci A Time 5 Yoshiyuki Yokoyama Kohei Take
2008 King Joy 6 Jun Takada Yutaka Masumoto
2009 King Joy 7 Makoto Nishitani Yutaka Masumoto

* The 2003 race was postponed until January 10 because of snow.


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