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Nakayama Grand Jump

Jump Grade 1 race
Nakayama Grand Jump
Location Nakayama Racecourse
Inaugurated 1999
Race type Thoroughbred-Steeplechase
Website Nakayama Grand Jump 2009 - Racing Information
Race information
Distance 4250 meters
(About 2 and 2/3 miles)
Track Turf, Right-handed
Qualification 4-y-o & Up, Thoroughbreds
Weight 4-y-o 62 kg 5-y-o & up 63.5kg
Purse ¥15,200,000 (as of 2009)

The Nakayama Grand Jump (中山グランドジャンプ) is a Japanese horse racing steeplechase, held at Nakayama Racecourse every year in mid-April. It is for thoroughbreds, four years old and older, run at a distance of 4250m (2 5/8 miles + 84 feet).

With a purse of over ¥150 million (Approx. US$1.5 million) for its 2008 inception, the Nakayama Grand Jump is one of the richest steeplechase race in the world.

The race was first run in 1999, and was run over 4100m until 2000.

It is one of two Grade I steeplechase races on Japanese turf; the other is the Nakayama Daishogai, which uses the same racecourse under a slightly-different configuration.

The race is run on Nakayama's steeplechase course, which follows a twisted path on the racecourse interior over a series of jumps, inclines and declines. The dirt course is also crossed several times. On the final lap, with about 1200m (3/4 mile) remaining, horses enter the outer turf course along the backstrech for the race's final three jumps.








1999* Mejiro Pharaoh 6 Takashi Oehara Yokichi Okubo Mejiro Shoji co. 4:56.2
2000 Gokai 7 Yoshiyuki Yokoyama Hiroyuki Gohara Kei Yoshihashi 4:43.1
2001 Gokai 8 Yoshiyuki Yokoyama Hiroyuki Gohara Kei Yoshihashi 4:52.3
2002 St Steven 8 Craig Thornton John Wheeler John Wheeler 4:50.9
2003 Big Taste 5 Katsuyoshi Tsuneishi Tadashi Nakao Big co. 4:48.9
2004 Blandices 7 Takashi Oehara Tatsuo Fujiwara Sunday Racing Co. Ltd. 4:47.0
2005 Karasi 10 Brett Scott Eric Musgrove Pearse Morgan 4:50.4
2006 Karasi 11 Brett Scott Eric Musgrove Pearse Morgan 4:50.8
2007 Karasi 12 Brett Scott Eric Musgrove Pearse Morgan 4:50.4
2008 Maruka Rascal 6 Makoto Nishitani Yutaka Masumoto Kawacho Sangyo 4:57.7
2009 Spring Ghent 9 Yuzo Shirahama Akihiko Nomura Haruo Kato 4:49.1
  • The 1999 race was open to Japanese trained horses only.

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