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Narragansett Race Track

Narragansett Park was an American race track for Thoroughbred horse races in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. the 182-acre site opened on August 1, 1934.

Some of its important races were the Rhode Island Handicap, Governors Handicap, and the Narragansett Special. In its heyday, the track hosted races in which numerous Thoroughbred greats competed such as War Admiral, Seabiscuit, and Gun Bow. Competition for the betting public saw the facility close following the Labor Day weekend in 1978. The next year, the city of Pawtucket bought the site for commercial and residential redevelopment. All that remains of the grounds today is the grandstand building, which is in use as an outlet for the discount retailer Building 19.[1]

Narragansett Trotting Park (1896-1913) and Narragansett Auto Racing circuit

An article in the September 26, 1896 edition of Scientific American lists ten vehicles that entered a horseless carriage race at Narragansett Park track in Providence, R.I. The first place prize was $900.00. The article also states "The fastest mile was made by the Riker electric carriage, the time being 2:13." This is possibly the first US automobile race completed around a track.[2]

The Rhode Island State Fair Association announced that $5,000 would be given away in prizes in a series of horseless carriage races to be held in September. The races would take place on a trotting horse track. The Providence Horseless Carriage Race established these rules: vehicles must be able to show a rate of speed equal to 15 miles per hour to compete; vehicles must carry one person in addition to the driver (weight 165 pounds); only vehicles propelled by other than animal power are allowed to compete.[3]



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