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National Horseracing Museum

The National Horseracing Museum of the United Kingdom is located at 99 High Street in Newmarket. Open to the public, it contains collections and records of people and horses involved in the sport of horse racing from its Royal origins to modern heroes. Exhibits include the history of horse racing, horse racing in Britain, trophies, paintings of famous horses, trainers and jockeys, jockey uniforms, betting, and horse racing memorabilia.

The Vestey Gallery of British Sporting Art is located in the museum, and features changing exhibits of art relating to sports, including hunting, shooting, fishing, boxing, archery, rowing and horse racing.

The National Horseracing Museum has an archive collection of information and images of early horses, jockeys, trainers, breeders and owners.[1]

The Museum is a United Kingdom Registered Charity (No. 283656) [1] and is supported by the Jockey Club and the The Racing Post plus major national corporations including Barclays Bank, Ladbrokes, SAAB, and Homebase. A full list of sponsors can be seen at the Museum. [2]


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