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Native Dancer Stakes top three finishers

This is a listing of the horses that finished in either first, second, or third place and the number of starters in the Native Dancer Stakes (1966-2010), an American Thoroughbred Stakes race at seven furlongs run on dirt at Laurel Park Racecourse Template:Country data Maryland in Laurel, Maryland.[1]

Year Winner Second Third Starters
2010 Greenspring Encaustic Ah Day 10
2009 Lord Snowdon Sharps Island P V Lightening 7
2008 Throng Judith's Wild Rush Barracuda Boy 9
2007 Judith's Wild Rush Your Bluffing Easy Red 9
2006 Your Bluffing Aggadan Marina Minister 8
2005 Jim Thirds Bolero Little Matth Man Tidal Wave 6
2004 No Race No Race No Race 0
2003 P Day Full Brush Hay Getoutofmyway 7
2002 Private Ryan P Day Cowboy Magic n/a
2001 Do I Ever Ewer All Wet Tibado n/a
2000 Montana Dreamin' S W Clarence Copy Cat n/a
1999 Waited Algar Warrenpeace n/a
1998 Big Rut Dr. Banting Algar n/a
1997 Mary's Buckaroo Western Echo Devil's Honor n/a
1996 Gulf Reckoning Sunny Sunrise Greatsilverfleet n/a
1995 Dixie Hero Rugged Bugger Super Memory n/a
1994 No Race No Race No Race 0
1993 Ameri Valay Baron de Vaux Forry Cow How n/a
1992 Valley Crossing Gala Spinaway Midas n/a
1991 Jet Stream Reputed Testamony Temper Time n/a
1990 Flaming Emperor Baldski's Choice Overnight Hero n/a
1989 Learned Jake Ten Keys Due North n/a
1988 Due North Entertain Ridge Review n/a
1987 Little Bold John Sparrowvon Due North n/a
1986 Little Bold John Cywean Sparrowvon n/a
1985 Kaye's Prince Computer;s Choice Never Cye n/a
1984 Island Champ Forceful Intent Double Door Prize n/a
1983 Hail Emperor Appeal Approved Boston Tea n/a
1982 # Buck 'n Bronc Boston Tea Luxuriant Man n/a
1982 # Decent Davey Blackie Daw Sunny Winters n/a
1981 Skipper's Friend Bankers Sun Sunny Winters n/a
1980 Pole Position The Cool Virginian Telly Hill n/a
1979 Isella T. V. Hill Chati n/a
1978 # Ripon Parnis Snappy Chatter n/a
1978 # Take the Pledge Resound Do the Bump n/a
1977 Jolly Johu Ripon Go Go Roger n/a
1976 Christopher R. North Call Jimbosanda n/a
1975 Christopher R. Double Edge Sword King of Cornish n/a
1974 Tap the Tree Dr. Hurt Mo Bay n/a
1973 Joys Fella Lucky Lord Tsunami n/a
1972 Pro Bidder Joys Fella Tsunami n/a
1971 Jaikyl Bushido Mister Diz n/a
1970 Gaelic Dancer Fleet Admiral Bushido n/a
1969 Illustrious American Native Sub Call n/a
1968 Understudy Decacean Sub Call n/a
1967 Sandoval Hansom Harve Sub Call n/a
1966 Hoist Bar Glassell B. Davis II n/a

A # designates that the race was run in two divisions in 1978 and 1982.

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  1. 2007 Maryland Jockey Club Media Guide, page 173 on March 3, 2007.


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