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Navan (pronounced /ˈnævən/; Irish: An Uaimh, meaning "the cave"; etymology disputed) is the largest town and county town or administrative capital of County Meath, Ireland. It is one of the few places in the world to have a palindromic name (see List of palindromic places). National legislation was enacted in 1971 which set the town's name as "Navan" in English.[1]. The population of the urban area of Navan was 3,166 in 2006. The population of the suburbs was 21,141 in the same year, giving a combined total of 24,851. The population of the town and its environs had increased by 28% since 2002.[2] The population of Navan within its local authority boundary was 3,710 in 2006.


Local Government

Navan is the county town or administrative capital of County Meath. Navan is also the name of a Local Electoral Area which includes the town and adjacent parts of the county. The total population of Navan Electoral Area was 38,891 in 2006.[3][2]


Tara Mine, Europe's largest lead and zinc mine is located in Navan. The town traditionally was famous for carpets (Navan Carpets closed in 2003) and for a thriving furniture industry (Beechmount Home Park). Both are now in decline, or have ceased, as a result of the move away from manufacture to cheaper locations like Eastern Europe. Nevertheless, Navan has rapidly expanded with the Celtic Tiger to become a large dormitory town due to its proximity to Dublin.


The town has a freight only railway line. Navan was a railway crossroads, with the GNR(I) line from Drogheda to Oldcastle and the MGWR line from Kingscourt to Clonsilla (on the Dublin to Sligo line) passing through the town, connecting at Navan Junction.

The GNR(I) line from Navan to Oldcastle and the MGWR line from Clonsilla to Navan closed in 1963, leaving the lines from Drogheda to Navan and Navan to Kingscourt in place. A spur to Tara Mines on the Navan to Oldcastle trackbed was reinstated in 1977.

As of 2005 the railway is solely used by Iarnród Éireann to bring freight from the local lead and zinc mine, Tara Mines, to Dublin Port. The line from Kingscourt was used for transport of gypsum until quite recently but now this line is unused.

A campaign to have the Clonsilla to Navan line reopened, seeks a commuter service to Dublin, initially via the existing Drogheda line, and then directly through reopening the direct line to Dublin via Dunboyne. The Transport 21 plan envisages the reopening of Clonsilla services happening in two stages, initially to a park and ride off the M3 at Pace by 2009 and later extending to Navan by 2015. Navan will have a station in the centre of the town, and a park and ride station to the north.


St. Mary's Church

Navan has a number of secondary schools both private denominational and public inter-denominational and non-denominational. St. Patrick's Classical School is a Roman Catholic boys only school. St. Michael's Loreto Secondary School and St. Joseph's Secondary School at the Mercy Convent are both girls only Roman Catholic convent schools. Beaufort College is a large state owned inter-denominational vocational school. The Abylity College was a parent owned non-denominational school.[4][5]

Navan and the surrounding area has a number of primary schools including town's Catholic boys' primary school Scoil Mhuire which was originally run by the De La Salle Brothers.Pierce Brosnan was a former pupil of St. Anne's Loreto which is situated beside St. Mary's Catholic Church and near to St. Joseph's Mercy.There are also St. Paul's, St. Ultan's, and St. Oliver's primary schools. The town's only Church of Ireland secondary school, Preston School, closed in the 1970s. It is now the site of the shopping centre in the town. There is a Church of Ireland primary school known as Flowerfield School, at Connolly Avenue, a new site. It was originally situated at the Flowerfield area of the town, on the main thoroughfare to Drogheda, in a building which has been sympathetically converted into private accomodation. There is also a multi-denoninational Educate Together primary school in the town, sited at Commons Road.


Navan was the childhood home of Pierce Brosnan, who appeared in the television series Remington Steele and was the fifth film actor to play James Bond. TV personality Hector Ó hEochagáin, and comedians Dylan Moran and Tommy Tiernan also hail from Navan.

Other famous Navan people have included Sir Francis Beaufort famous for his wind scale. His birthplace was removed by the local council in the 1990s to make way for a road junction.

Brian Byrne, composer, is a native of Navan and is currently living in L.A. working on film and TV scores. Brian has recently reworked the theme tune for "The Late Late Show" and scored the upcoming Irish comedy movie Zonad.

Leading Irish dance music producer John O'Callaghan is also from the area.

Entrepreneur Ian Clarke, the man behind Freenet, Revver and SenseArray is also a Navan native.


File:Cources a Navan.JPG
Navan Races (September 2007)
  • Aura swimming pool[6]
  • Navan Rugby Football Club
  • Navan O'Mahony's Gaelic football & Hurling Club
  • Simonstown Gaels Gaelic Football Club.
  • Walterstown Gaelic Football Cub
  • Knockharley Cricket Club
  • Navan Road Club (Cycling Club)
  • Navan Tennis Club
  • Navan Hockey Club
  • Park Villa F.C
  • OMP United F.C
  • Navan A.C
  • Navan Boxing club


Navan is twinned with the following places:

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External links

  • [2] - Lantern Bar in Navan. Traditional Irish Music every Wednesday night.


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