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No Time To Ride

Finding the time to ride can become quite a challenge for those of you who are juggling work, or school, or a combination of both; as well as relationships and family obligations ... all while trying to pay for and take care of your horses.  A close examination of your daily daily activities will probably reveal an awful lot of time wasted in unnecessary pursuits. With some forethought, you may find that you have a lot more time than you were aware of.


  • Working part time or changing your work or college class hours to fit your riding schedule would of course be the ideal solution; but of course this is not always a real possibility.  However, stabling your horse close to your job or school is something that might be considered.  This way you can make a visit to the stables a part of your commute.  Always give yourself plenty of time by leaving the house a couple of hours early and be sure take a change of clothes.


  • Watching television can quickly consume all your time if you let it.  With the invention of the DVR and now Streaming, it's easy to catch up on all your favorite shows when the time is convenient for you; thus allowing more time for important things like your horse.


  • Much of your shopping can now be done online and some grocery and discount stores are open 24 hours a day; so your daylight hours can be free for horse-related activties.


  • For those of  you like to frequent the local pub at the end of the day; don't you know that the poet who said "...a jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou..." was talking about his horse?  (not really)  Have your ride first and then pull up a bale of hay and relax with a glass of your favorite beverage.


  • Opt out of going to the gym one or two days a week and ride bareback for a great total body workout.  Or snap a lead rope onto your horse's halter and try jogging with your horse.


  • Instead of paying through the nose for therapy or counselling, you might find that pouring out your troubles to your horse while riding in the fresh air will serve as well.  Your horse won't charge you by the hour and all your secrets will be safe with him.


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