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Noble Flaire

Noble Flaire (Noble Command x Lost River Sanfield) was an Morgan horse who lived from 1984-2006.[1] He won multiple titles at the Morgan Grand National and World Championship Horse Show before he retired in 1991, and has produced many progeny.[2]


Life History

Noble Flair was bred by Bob & Judy Whitney and foaled in 1984. In 1985, Herbert V. Kohler of Kohler Stables bought Noble Flaire, and that was the last time he changed hands for the rest of his life. He started showing as a yearling colt in 1986[3]. By the time he was two years old he was already catching eyes. People would run to watch him perform, and after he trotted out of the ring after his victory lap people would follow him just to watch him trot[4].

By the time Noble Flaire retired from the show ring in 1991, he had won numerous World Championship titles including an unprecedented three Park Harness World Championships. This impressive horse died in 2006, but has left behind numerous other progeny to carry on his name including the World Champions HVK Bell Flaire, Nostradamus, HVK Courageous Flaire, and HVK Vibrance[5].

Titles Won

The titles Noble Flaire has won include:

  • 1991, 1989, 1988 World Champion Park Harness
  • 1991 & 1989 World Champion Stallion
  • 1991 & 1989 World Champion Senior Stallion
  • 1991 & 1989 Grand National Five and Over Stallion
  • 1986 World Champion Two-Year-Old Park Harness[6]


 	  		  	  		  	  Waseekas Nocturne 	 
 		  	  		  	  	  	  	Upwey Benn Quietude
 		  	  		  Waseeka's In Command 	  	 
 	  		  	  		  	  	  	Upwey Ben Don
 	  		  	  		  	  Millers Adel 	 
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Gertie G
                       Noble Command 	  	  	 
 	  		  	  		  	  Waseekas Nocturne 	 
 	  	  	  	  		  	  		Upwey Benn Quietude
 		  	  		  Waseeka's Interlude 	  	 
 	  		  	  		  	  Waseekas Thisizit 	 
 	 	  		  	    		  	  	Upwey Benn Quietude
 	  Noble Flair	  	 
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Springbrook Mansfield
 	  		  	  		  	  Jody's Ace Of Spades
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Jody Jean O
 		  	  		  John Wayne Brady 	  	 
 	  		  	  		  	  Miranda Brady
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Lizza's Black Beauty
                       Lost River Sanfield 	  	  	 
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Capitan Fillmore
 	  		  	  		  	  Devan Jason
 		  	  		  Jason's Winett 	  	 
 	  	  		  	  		  	  	Kitty Hawk<ref>{{cite news | first= | last= | coauthors= | title=Kohler StablesBreeder's Guide: Morgans | date= | publisher= | url =http://www.breedersguide.com/ | work = | pages = | accessdate = 2007-01-30 | language = }}</ref>


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