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Noel J Taylor Memorial Mile

Group I race
Location Alexandra Park
Auckland, New Zealand
Inaugurated 1986
Race type Standardbred - Flat racing
Website Alexandra Park
Race information
Distance 1700m
Track Oval dirt, right-handed
Qualification four-year-old horses
Purse NZ $100,000

The Noel J Taylor Memorial Mile is an event for 4 year old pacing horses in New Zealand. It is held over the distance of 1700 metres (just over one mile) once a year at Alexandra Park, Auckland, New Zealand.


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Winners list

NOEL J TAYLOR MILE (1700 metres, mobile barrier, $100,000) Run annually at Alexandra Park Raceway








2009 Apr 1700 Auckland Reactor Auckland Reactor Ltd Blair Orange 2:01.8
2008 Apr 1700 Changeover A.T.C. Trot 2006 Syndicate David Butcher 2:03.7
2007 Apr 1700 Divisive C E Rixon Peter Rixon 2:00.9
2006 Apr 1609 Mainland Banner I D Dobson, S J Dobson, Lynne Umar Ricky May 1:55.1
2005 Apr 1609 V For S L Taylor, M G Berger Philip Butcher 1:55.7
2004 Apr 1609 Elsu Mrs J Walters/Double Up Synd/Est D Hudson/Mrs P Small David Butcher 1:55.0
2003 Apr 1609 Just An Excuse O Haines, Mrs I K Haines Todd Mitchell 1:55.6
2002 Apr 1609 Alert Motoring Robert Reid Syndicate Brent Mangos 1:54.1
2001 Mar 1609 Cool Hand Luke R S Croon/M Purdon/T R Vince/J H Seaton Tony Herlihy 1:55.6
2000 Mar 1609 Mac De Stroyer N F MacFarlane, Mrs L M MacFarlane Todd Macfarlane 1:54.6
1999 Apr 1609 Ho Wong Mrs S E McKendry Maurice McKendry 1:55.7
1998 Apr 1609 Scuse Me J S Dalgety, Mrs V L Purdon Frank Cooney 1:53.5
1997 Apr 1609 Agua Caliente D S & Mrs D E J Short/Mrs D E Woods/Miss S M Short Glen Wolfenden 1:56.4
1996 Feb 1609 Surprise Package Mrs K J Purdon Tony Herlihy 1:55.6
1995 Feb 1609 The Suleiman J P Green, T G Garelja Michael Langdon 1:57.0
1994 Feb 1609 Hitchcock L Christensen/W Pengelly/J Richardson/N Taylor Maurice McKendry 1:57.6
1993 Feb 1609 Tigerish L A Turner, Mrs P L Turner James Stormont 1:58.7
1992 Feb 1609 Abdias J Butcher, Mrs C M Butcher Philip Butcher 1:55.0
1991 Feb 1609 Christopher Vance R R Reid, Lorna Reid Syndicate, Mrs J C Reid Tony Herlihy 1:55.4
1990 Feb 1609 Defoe Club Classic Lucky 7 Syndicate Robert Mitchell 1:56.9
1989 Feb 1609 Kiwi Supreme J M Cunningham Stephen Dove 1:57.4
1988 Mar 1609 Elmer Gantry T Milina, R Evans Tony Milina 1:56.7
1987 Apr 1609 Jay Bee's Fella P R Smythe Peter Wolfenden 1:56.8
1986 Mar 1609 Master Mood K L Williams, Mrs B A Williams, S F Wong, F B Wong Kevin Williams 1:57.5

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