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North America Cup

The North America Cup is an annual harness racing event for 3-year-old standardbred pacing horses which is held at Mohawk Raceway in Campbellville, Ontario, Canada. From 1984-1993, the event was held at Greenwood Raceway and from 1994-2006, the North America Cup was held at Woodbine Entertainment Group's other harness racing venue, Woodbine Racetrack. It is the richest Canadian race at $1,500,000.

Past winners/drivers & trainers:

Year Horse Driver Trainer
2009 Well Said Ron Pierce Steve Elliott
2008 Somebeachsomewhere Paul MacDonell Brent MacGrath
2007 Tell All Jody Jamieson Blair Burgess
2006 Total Truth Ron Pierce George Teague, Jr.
2005 Rocknroll Hanover Brian Sears Brett Pelling
2004 Mantacular Catello Manzi Larry Rathbone
2003 Yankee Cruiser Dean Magee Tim Pinske
2002 Red River Hanover Luc Ouellette William Robinson
2001 Bettor’s Delight Michel Lachance Scott McEneny
2000 Gallo Blue Chip Daniel Dube Mark Ford
1999 The Panderosa John Campbell Brett Pelling
1998 Straight Path Michel Lachance Shawn Robinson
1997 Gothic Dream John Campbell Jack Darling
1996 Arizona Jack John Campbell Gary Machiz
1995 David’s Pass John Campbell Brett Pelling
1994 Cam’s Card Shark John Campbell William Robinson
1993 Presidential Ball Ron Waples William Robinson
1992 Safely Kept Michel Lachance Joe Holloway
1991 Precious Bunny John Campbell William Robinson
1990 Apaches Fame William "Bud" Fritz William "Bud" Fritz
1989 Goalie Jeff Steve Condren Thomas Artandi
1988 Runnymede Lobell Yves Filion Alain Thomas
1987 Jate Lobell Mark O'Mara Mark O'Mara
1986 Quite A Sensation Trevor Ritchie R. Claire Porter
1985 Staff Director Dave Wall Dave Wall
1984 Legal Notice Dr. John Hayes Dr. John Hayes


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