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Oaks d'Italia

The Oaks d'Italia is a Group 2 flat horse race in Italy which is open to three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run at San Siro, Milan, over a distance of 2,200 metres (about 1 mile and 3 furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in May or June.

It is the Italian version of the Oaks Stakes, an important race for fillies in England. It formerly held Group 1 status, and it used to be contested over 2,400 metres. Its distance was cut to 2,200 metres in 1995, and it was downgraded to Group 2 level in 2007.

Winners since 1988






1988 Melodist Walter Swinburn Michael Stoute Sheikh Mohammed 2:33.8
1989 Nydrion Marco Paganini Lorenzo Brogi Scuderia Cieffedi 2:30.8
1990 Atoll Gary W. Moore Barry Hills Antonio Balzarini 2:28.9
1991 Possessive Dancer Walter Swinburn Alex Scott Ahmed Al Maktoum 2:28.6
1992 Ivyanna Christy Roche Jim Bolger Mrs Ogden White 2:29.8
1993 Bright Generation Alan Munro Paul Cole Prince Fahd bin Salman 2:30.3
1994 Shahmiad Fernando Jovine Valfredo Valiani Scuderia Magu 2:35.9
1995 Valley of Gold Sylvain Guillot André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 2:19.1
1996 Germignana Marco Cangiano Luigi Camici Allevamento Gialloblu 2:18.9
1997 Nicole Pharly Frankie Dettori Alberto Verdesi Scuderia Blue Horse 2:15.5
1998 Zomaradah Walter Swinburn Luca Cumani M. Obaid Al Maktoum 2:23.5
1999 Nagoya Fernando Jovine Hans Blume Gestüt Röttgen 2:13.8
2000 Timi Mirco Demuro Lorenzo Brogi All. La Nuova Sbarra 2:16.1
2001 Zanzibar Michael Fenton Michael Bell Gilly Rowland Clark 2:16.5
2002 Guadalupe Kieren Fallon Peter Schiergen Baron Georg von Ullmann 2:17.3
2003 Meridiana Andreas Suborics Hans Blume Stall Lucky Owner 2:15.4
2004 Menhoubah Darryll Holland Clive Brittain Saeed Manana 2:15.1
2005 Gyreka Adrie de Vries Hans Blume Gestüt Röttgen 2:15.7
2006 Dionisia Christophe Soumillon Riccardo Menichetti Scuderia Razza dell'Olmo 2:14.5
2007 Fashion Statement Neil Callan Michael Jarvis Peter Savill 2:21.1
2008 Goose Bay Andrasch Starke Peter Schiergen Gestüt Ebbesloh 2:20.3
2009 Night of Magic Mirco Demuro Horst Steinmetz Stall Nizza 2:14.7
2010 Contredanse Kieren Fallon Luca Cumani Stuart Stuckey 2:14.7


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