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What is the Parelli Natural Horsemanship System?: It’s so old, it’s new!

It’s a system that teaches you to become so good with horses, that even horses will think you’re brilliant! It works through an understanding of the laws of nature. It is communication through understanding and psychology rather than force, fear and intimidation. It considers THE HORSE’S POINT OF VIEW! It means no need for artificial aids of restraint. It teaches you to be a ‘natural’ with horses. It teaches you to think like a horse before you think like a human Natural Horsemanship has become a strong philosophical direction for horse people all over the world...because it works.

Most riding teachers focus on equitation. But this is only one fourth of the skills needed to become knowledgeable and safe with horses.

Horses are more than just a riding animal. They are an attitude with four feet. While some horses can be difficult to ride, people tend to have more problems with them on the ground. This is because horses are prey animals and are programmed by nature to out-think predators.

When we are perceived as a predator, it triggers defensive reflexes in a horse such as being hard to catch, biting, kicking and even subtle or very pronounced resistances when being ridden.

Unaware of the prey-predator element, we tend to call these behaviors "vices"; when in fact, they are usually a sign of self defense in the unconfident horse, or domination and disrespect in the confident one.

Horses are herd animals who have a strong need for social order. They will contest each other to find out who is the strongest, fastest, quickest, and the bravest. And once the alpha horse has been established, the dominance tames go on until the pecking order is completed all the way down the line. And don’t think it stops there. When we come into the picture, they will play these same dominance games with us!

When you understand the way horses think, learn how not to act like a predator, and can play the exact games that they do, only then will you begin to get extraordinary results.

You will have a level of savvy that’s rare in the horse world, yet is unmistakable in the students of Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

For more information visit http://www.parellinaturalhorsetraining.com/


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