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Phil Georgeff

Phil Georgeff (born January 1, 1931) is a retired racetrack announcer from the Chicago area.

"THE VOICE OF CHICAGO RACING" called races at venues including Arlington Park and Hawthorne Race Course, from 1959 to 1992. He was also Publicity Director at Hawthorne Race Course. His surname is pronounced as if it were spelled "George F."

He earned his BS degree at Northwestern University Medill School of Journalism. He now lives happily and contentedly in Alabama with his beloved wife and his handsome cat.

He still actively cultivates among many other life enjoyments, his past "personal magnificent obsessions." His love of horse racing, his admiration for the great tenor, Mario Lanza, and The Master, Eddie Arcaro, jockey immortal.)

Phil Georgeff holds the Guinness Book of World Records for calling 96,131 horse race calls.

He always describes himself as a "race caller" not announcer, because that is what he did. He called the races for millions of racing fans in his inimitable, memorable way.

He called countless races including such events as the Arlington Million. He was known for his signature call at the top of the stretch, "Here they come, spinning out of the turn!" That catchphrase was a convenient starting place for TV sports highlight shows, as the replay of any interesting race he called would typically be picked up from that point.

His colorful, always clear race calls enabled racegoers to always experience accurate, spirited and exciting moments with every race he called.

He is great source of information, history, personal "portraits", knowledge, and truly loves the magnificent equines and people that make up the world of horse racing. He is a talented writer and historian of the "Golden Age of Horse Racing."

He was a close friend and admirer of The Master, Eddie Arcaro. He has written a biography about the great jockey Eddie Arcaro. His admiration for Citation is well documented in his classic, published bio of The Greatest Thoroughbred, CITATION, IN A CLASS BY HIMSELF.

Phil Georgeff has written several historically based fictional racing mystery novels:


He is always "tuned" into the happenings, and keeps current with every facet of the World of Thoroughbred Horse Racing. And still keeps in touch with his many friends, fans, and professionals with whom he regularly contacts. He continues to write. He also shares his views via manuscripts, views, opinions, information requests, editorials, and various articles.

Georgeff told his life story in the 2002 book And They're Off! : My Years As The Voice Of Thoroughbred Racing (ISBN 0-87833-264-2).

He is also the author of the 2003 book titled Citation: In a Class by Himself (ISBN 0-87833-292-8) that tells the story of U.S. Triple Crown winner, Citation. He is a member of the Chicagoland Sports Hall of Fame.

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