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Philip H. Iselin Stakes

Grade III race
Philip H. Iselin Handicap
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Location Monmouth Park Racetrack
Oceanport, New Jersey, USA
Inaugurated 1884
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Monmouth Park Racetrack
Race information
Distance 1⅛ miles (9 furlongs)
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds and up
Weight Handicap
Purse $250,000

The Philip H. Iselin Stakes is an American Thoroughbred horse race held annually at Monmouth Park Racetrack in Oceanport, New Jersey. Open to horses three years of age and older, the race was first run in 1884. In 1891, New Jersey state legislators began a move to ban parimutuel betting and the race had to be moved to the Jerome Park Racetrack and the Morris Park Racetrack in The Bronx, New York. With a legislated permanent ban, after the 1893 running, the Monmouth Park Racetrack was shut down and the property sold. In 1946, Thoroughbred racing returned to a new Monmouth Park facility, spurred on by the burgeoning American economy after the end of World War II.

From inception until 1966 the race was known as the Monmouth Handicap then from 1967 through 1980 it was run as the Amory L. Haskell Handicap. In 1981 it reverted back to the Monmouth Handicap name then in 1986, it was given its present name to honor Philip H. Iselin, a founding shareholder and director of the Monmounth Park Racetrack who would serve as its President and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Created in the 19th Century when most Thoroughbred horse races were run at much longer distances than they are today, the early Monmouth Handicaps were raced over a distance of 1½ miles. Upon its revival in 1946 at the new Monmouth Park, the distance was set at 1¼ miles. From 1979 through 1995 it was run at 1⅛ miles and in 1996 and 1997 at 1 1/16 miles when Formal Gold won the 1997 edition in track record time. In 1998, the race reverted to its present 1⅛ mile format.


Time record (since 1979):

  • 1 1/8 miles : 1:46.80 by Spend a Buck (1985), Jolie's Halo (1992)
  • 1 1/16 miles : 1:40.20 Formal Gold (1997)

Largest winning margin

Most wins by a jockey since the 1946 renewal:

Most wins by a trainer since the 1946 renewal:








1884 Drake Carter William Hayward Green B. Morris Morris & Patton 2:37.75
1885 Richmond Jim McLaughlin Frank McCabe Dwyer Brothers Stable 2:38.50
1886 Hidalgo John Spellman James Murphy James Ben Ali Haggin 2:39.50
1887 Kaloolah Church Not found John D. Morrissey 2:42.25
1888 Firenze Edward R. Garrison Matthew Byrnes James Ben Ali Haggin 2:36.00
1889 Eurus William Hayward John Huggins A. J. Cassatt 2:50.00
1890 Tea Tray Moore William Lakeland William Lakeland 2:34.00
1891 Banquet John Lamley Hardy Campbell, Jr. Michael F. Dwyer 2:40.00
1892 Reckon Penn Not found J. A. & A. H. Morris 2:33.50
1893 Gloaming I Alonzo Clayton Not found J. G. Follansbee 2:33.00
1946 Lucky Draw Conn McCreary Bert Mulholland George D. Widener, Jr. 2:01.80
1947 Round View Louis Hildebrandt Hollie Hughes Sanford Stud Farms 2:01.20
1948 Tide Rips Porter Roberts William L. Passmore Bayard Sharp 2:03.20
1949 Three Rings Hedley Woodhouse William J. Knapp Evelyn L. Hopkins 2:03.60
1950 Greek Ship Joe Culmone Preston M. Burch Brookmeade Stable 2:02.40
1951 Arise Sam Boulmetis, Sr. James C. Bentley Addison Stable 2:04.80
1952 One Hitter Ted Atkinson John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 2:04.20
1953 My Celeste Logan Batchellor William S. Cotton Constance Morabito 2:05.20
1954 Bassanio Sidney Cole Jim Fitzsimmons Ogden Phipps 2:02.20
1955 Helioscope Sam Boulmetis, Sr. Howard Hausner William G. Helis, Jr. 2:02.20
1956 Nashua Eddie Arcaro Jim Fitzsimmons Leslie Combs II 2:02.80
1957 Dedicate Eddie Arcaro G. Carey Winfrey Jan Burke 2:01.80
1958 Bold Ruler Eddie Arcaro Jim Fitzsimmons Wheatley Stable 2:01.60
1959 Sword Dancer Bill Shoemaker J. Elliott Burch Brookmeade Stable 2:05.00
1960 First Landing Eddie Arcaro Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 2:02.80
1961 Don Poggio Sam Boulmetis, Sr. Pancho Martin Gustave Ring 2:02.40
1962 Carry Back John L. Rotz Jack A. Price Dorchester Farm 2:00.40
1963 Decidedly Manuel Ycaza Horatio Luro El Peco Ranch 2:02.00
1964 Mongo Wayne Chambers Frank A. Bonsal Montpelier 2:01.80
1965 Repeating Hedley Woodhouse Lucien Laurin Mrs. L. Laurin 2:04.20
1966 Bold Bidder Pete D. Anderson Woody Stephens John R. Gaines 2:03.60
1967 Handsome Boy Jacinto Vasquez H. Allen Jerkens Hobeau Farm 2:02.00
1968 Bold Hour William Boland Sylvester Veitch George D. Widener, Jr. 2:03.00
1969 Verbatim Pete Anderson James P. Conway Elmendorf Farm 2:02.20
1970 Gladwin Heliodoro Gustines Evan S. Jackson Hastings Harcourt 2:02.60
1971 Jontilla John Giovanni R. Cleff William R. Kelly 2:01.00
1972 West Coast Scout John L. Rotz Mervin Marks Oxford Stable 2:02.20
1973 West Coast Scout Larry Adams Mervin Marks Oxford Stable 2:01.20
1974 True Knight Miguel A. Rivera Lou Rondinello Darby Dan Farm 2:02.00
1975 Royal Glint Craig Perret Gordon R. Potter Dan Lasater 2:00.60
1976 Hatchet Man Vincent Bracciale, Jr. John M. Gaver, Jr. Greentree Stable 2:00.60
1977 Majestic Light Sandy Hawley John W. Russell Ogden Mills Phipps 2:00.40
1978 Life's Hope Craig Perret Laz Barrera Harbor View Farm 2:03.20
1979 Text Bill Shoemaker Vincent Clyne Elmendorf Farm 1:47.40
1980 Spectacular Bid Bill Shoemaker Grover G. Delp Hawksworth Farm 1:48.00
1981 Amber Pass Cash Asmussen Sonny Hine Entremont Stable 1:47.40
1982 Mehmet Eddie Delahoussaye Robert J. Frankel Chlad & Mevorach 1:48.20
1983 Bates Motel Terry Lipham John H. M. Gosden Jacqueline Getty 1:47.20
1984 Believe The Queen Donald A. Miller, Jr. H. Allen Jerkens Bohemia Stable 1:48,20
1985 Spend a Buck Laffit Pincay, Jr. Cam Gambolati Hunter Farm 1:46.80
1986 Roo Art Bill Shoemaker D. Wayne Lukas Barbara Holleran 1:48.80
1987 Bordeaux Bob Chris Antley D. Wayne Lukas Mark Barge 1:48.20
1988 Alysheba Chris McCarron Jack Van Berg D. & P. Scharbauer 1:47.80
1989 Proper Reality Jerry Bailey Robert E. Holthus Juanita Winn 1:48.00
1990 Beau Genius Ricardo Lopez Gerald S. Bennett Brian Davidson 1:48.20
1991 Black Tie Affair Pat Day Ernie T. Poulos Jeff Sullivan 1:47.80
1992 Jolie's Halo Edgar Prado Robert W. Camac Arthur I. Appleton 1:46.80
1993 Valley Crossing Chris Antley Richard W. Small Robert E. Meyerhoff 1:49.20
1994 Taking Risks Mark T. Johnston King T. Leatherbury Lakeville Stables 1:48.20
1995 Schossberg Dave Penna Phil England Steve A. Stavro 1:49.20
1996 Smart Strike Craig Perret Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:41.40
1997 Formal Gold Kent Desormeaux William W. Perry John D. Murphy 1:40.20
1998 Skip Away Jerry Bailey Sonny Hine Carolyn H. Hine 1:47.20
1999 Frisk Me Now Edwin L. King, Jr. Robert J. Durso Carol R. Dender 1:49.20
2000 Rize Jose C. Ferrer Norman R. Pointer Runnin Horse Farm 1:48.40
2001 Broken Vow Ramon Dominguez H. Graham Motion Pin Oak Stable 1:49.40
2002 Cat's At Home Jose A. Velez, Jr. Mark A. Hennig Edward P. Evans 1:49.00
2003 Tenpins Robby Albarado Donald Winfree Joseph V. Vitelli 1:50.20
2004 Ghostzapper Javier Castellano Robert J. Frankel Stronach Stables 1:47.66
2005 West Virginia Jose A. Velez, Jr. Todd Pletcher Don & Roberta Zuckerman 1:50.83
2006 Park Avenue Ball Chris Decarlo Jim Ryerson Char-Mari Stable 1:49.73
2007 Gottcha Gold Chuck Lopez Edward Plesa, Jr. Centaur Farms Inc. 1:48.36
2008 Honest Man Terry Thompson J. Larry Jones WinStar Farm/Foxhill Farms 1:49.12
2009 Chirac Elvis Trijullo Jane Cibelli Pia M. Kirkham 1:49.11


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