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Piero D'Inzeo

Medal record
Competitor for 22x20px Italy
Olympic Games
Bronze 1956 Stockholm Individual jumping
Silver 1956 Stockholm Team jumping
Silver 1960 Rome Individual jumping
Bronze 1960 Rome Team jumping
Bronze 1964 Tokyo Team jumping
Bronze 1972 Munich Team jumping
European Championships
Silver 1958 Aachen Individual jumping
Gold 1959 Paris Individual jumping
Bronze 1962 London Individual jumping

Colonel Piero D'Inzeo (born March 4, 1923 in Rome) was a successful Italian show jumping rider, winner of six medals at the Olympic Games and an officer in the Italian cavalry.

With his younger brother Raimondo D'Inzeo, also an officer in the military (but of the Carabinieri), and in the international arena have been called the brothers invincible dell'equitazione Italian.

They victoriously participated in numerous competitions in Italy and abroad and their point of glory was achieved in the Olympic Games in 1960, in Rome, when Raimondo won the gold medal and Piero the silver medal in Grand Prix jump obstacles.

A successful Italian rider from the late 1940s until the late 1970s. Together with his younger brother Raimondo, they were the first athletes, to compete in eight Olympic games, namely consistently from 1948-1976. Piero won 2 silver and 4 bronze Olympic medals. His biggest success was winning the European Championship title in 1959.

At irritant and aggressive temperament of Raimondo, Piero was more technical and more calculating.

Major achievements

  • Olympic Games
    • 1956 Stockholm: Silver medal team and individual bronze medal on Uruguay
    • 1960 Rome: Bronze medal team and individual silver medal on The Rock
    • 1964 Tokyo: Bronze medal team on Sun Beam
    • 1972 Munich: Bronze medal team on Easter Light
  • European Championships
    • 1958 Aachen: Individual silver medal on The Rock
    • 1959 Paris: Individual gold medal on Uruguay
    • 1962 London: Individual bronze medal on The Rock
  • International Grand Prix wins include:
    • 1952 Aachen[1] on Uruguay
    • 1958 Rome on The Rock
    • 1959 Aachen on The Rock
    • 1961 Aachen on The Rock
    • 1961 Amsterdam[2] on Sunbeam
    • 1962 Rome on Sunbeam
    • 1962 Dublin[3]
    • 1965 Aachen on Bally Black
    • 1967 Rome on Navarette
    • 1968 Rome on Fidux
    • 1970 Rome on Red Fox
    • 1973 Rome on Easter Light
    • 1976 Rome on Easter Light


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