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Poney Mousseye

Poney Mousseye
Country of origin: Camaroon
Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

The Poney Mousseye is a small, light pony which comes from Cameroon.


The exact heritage of the Pony Mousseye is not known although it is thought that may have some common roots with the Nigerian. They are small ponies, which also exhibit some horse-like characteristics, and, like the Nigerian, the Poney Mousseye has been described as a 'degenerate Barb'.

Interestingly, the fairly rare Poney Mousseye mainly lives in the area around the river Logone, notorious for the tsetse fly that produced sleeping sickness. The Poney Mousseye, however, appears to be resistant to this, while other equine breeds are not. They live a very geographically isolated existence and have been largely unaffected by other breeds.

Breed Characteristics

The ponies make good riding ponies and, in appearance, have a large and heavy head, a short thick neck and a long back. The legs are short and strong and the breed possesses great stamina and endurance. They have an easy temperament. They can be any colour, but are mostly grey or chestnut, and stand under 12 hands high.


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