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Premio Ribot

The Premio Ribot is a Group 2 flat horse race in Italy which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Capannelle over a distance 1,600 metres (about 1 mile), and it is scheduled to take place each year in November.

The event is named in honour of Ribot, a highly successful Italian racehorse in the mid 1950s.

Winners since 1986






1986 Lucky Ring 4 Willie Carson Dick Hern 1:35.5
1987 Patriach 5 John Reid John Dunlop 1:39.4
1988 Miswaki Tern 3 Gérald Mossé François Boutin 1:38.5
1989 Tibullo [1] 4 Gianfranco Dettori Luca Cumani 1:41.6
1990 Sikeston 4 Michael Roberts Clive Brittain 1:44.6
1991 Misil 3 Gianfranco Dettori Vittorio Caruso 1:42.7
1992 Stubass 3 Santiago Soto Alduino Botti 1:42.4
1993 Alhijaz 4 Willie Carson John Dunlop 1:41.7
1994 Pater Noster 5 Paul Eddery Julie Cecil 1:41.2
1995 Welsh Liberty 6 Armando Corniani David Ducci 1:36.5
1996 Taxi de Nuit 4 Frankie Dettori Alberto Verdesi 1:35.3
1997 Crimson Tide 3 Richard Hills John Hills 1:40.6
1998 Midyan Call 4 Otello Fancera Ovidio Pessi 1:37.0
1999 Oriental Fashion 3 Frankie Dettori Saeed bin Suroor 1:42.7
2000 Dane Friendly 4 Mirco Demuro Ovidio Pessi 1:44.0
2001 Giovane Imperatore 3 Maurizio Pasquale Lorenzo Brogi 1:39.7
2002 Altieri 4 Frankie Dettori Vittorio Caruso 1:38.9
2003 Duca d'Atri 4 Dario Vargiu Armando Renzoni 1:37.1
2004 Eagle Rise 4 Andreas Suborics Andreas Schütz 1:37.3
2005 Distant Way 4 Maurizio Pasquale Lorenzo Brogi 1:40.0
2006 Ramonti 4 Edmondo Botti Alduino Botti 1:35.4
2007 Santiago 5 Edmondo Botti Hans Blume 1:38.0
2008 Pressing 5 Michael Kinane Michael Jarvis 1:39.8
2009 Silver Arrow 4 Carlo Fiocchi Riccardo Menichetti 1:43.2

1 Mirror Black finished first in 1989, but he was relegated to third place following a Stewards' Inquiry.


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