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Premio Tudini

The Premio Tudini is a Group 3 flat horse race in Italy which is open to thoroughbreds aged three years or older. It is run at Capannelle, Rome, over a distance of 1,200 metres (about 6 furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in May.

The event was formerly known as the Premio Melton, and prior to 1996 it held Group 2 status.

Winners since 1988






1988 Edy Bedy 3 Michael Kinane not found 1:11.9
1989 Astronef 5 Eric Saint-Martin Robert Collet 1:08.7
1990 Piero Gardino 5 G. Pucciatti not found 1:11.0
1991 Rufina 3 Fernando Jovine Lorenzo Brogi 1:08.6
1992 Dream Talk 5 Olivier Peslier Nicolas Clément 1:08.8
1993 Secret Thing 4 Vincenzo Mezzatesta Fabio Brogi 1:09.6
1994 Fred Bongusto 3 Michael Roberts Roberto Brogi 1:08.9
1995 Hever Golf Rose 4 Jason Weaver Joe Naughton 1:10.8
1996 Beat of Drums 5 Michael Kinane Giuseppe Botti 1:10.7
1997 Armando Carpio 4 Jacqueline Freda Armando Renzoni 1:08.1
1998 Plumbird 4 Otello Fancera A. Calchetti 1:08.2
1999 Su Tirolesu 3 Armando Corniani Giuseppe Ligas 1:08.8
2000 Barrow Creek 6 Terence Hellier Peter Schiergen 1:08.9
2001 Indian Mary 4 Alessandro Parravani Mario Ciciarelli 1:08.7
2002 Oh Bej Oh Bej 4 Massimiliano Tellini Maurizio Guarnieri 1:08.7
2003 Pleasure Place 3 Dario Vargiu Riccardo Menichetti 1:08.8
2004 St Paul House 6 Michael Kinane Daniele Camuffo 1:08.5
2005 St Paul House 7 Paolo Aragoni Giuseppe di Chio 1:08.6
2006 Kuaicoss 4 Massimiliano Tellini Armando Renzoni 1:09.0
2007 Per Incanto 3 Gabriele Bietolini Roberto Brogi 1:08.6


Gesture (DH) 6 Stefano Landi Corrado di Stasio 1:08.9


Titus Shadow (DH) 4 Dario Vargiu Bruno Grizzetti 1:08.9
2009 Remarque 4 Christophe Soumillon Luigi Riccardi 1:07.8


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