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Presque Isle Downs

Presque Isle Downs and Casino is a casino and horse racing track complex in Erie, Pennsylvania. The owner, MTR Gaming Group, broke ground in October 2005 for its new facility, which opened on February 28, 2007. It contains 2,000 slot machines. The 1 mile (1.6 km) oval track opened on September 2, 2007. It is paved with the synthetic material Tapeta Footings (a mixture of sand, rubber, fiber with a wax coating[1]). It's the first synthetic horse racetrack that is longer than 1 mile (2 km) in the Northeast and the first racetrack paved with Tapeta in the United States[1]. Simulcasting was transferred from its former upper Peach Street location and became operational in August 2007. [2]

Gaming revenue is split between the operator (45%) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (55%), the latter of which will use the funds for property tax relief, economic development and tourism, and the horse racing industry. [2] Revenue from table games goes to the state's general fund and the local government.

The casino is located on a 272 acres (1.1 km2) site off Exit 27 on Interstate 90 in Summit Township.

Some of the races at Presque Isle Downs include:

  • Presque Isle Downs Masters Stakes, Grade III
  • Presque Isle Mile

TV Personalites

  • Ron Mullins (2007-present)
  • Katie Mikolay (2007-present)


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