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Prince of Wales Stakes

Grade I race
Prince of Wales Stakes
Location Fort Erie Race Track
Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada
Inaugurated 1929
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website Prince of Wales Stakes
Race information
Distance 1 3/16 miles
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-olds
(foaled in Canada)
Weight Scale Weight
Purse $500,000

The Prince of Wales Stakes is a Canadian Thoroughbred horse race run annually at Fort Erie Race Track in Fort Erie, Ontario. Restricted to three-year-old horses bred in Canada, it is contested on dirt over a distance of a mile and three sixteenths (9.5 furlongs). In 1959, the Prince of Wales Stakes became the second race in the Canadian Triple Crown series. It follows the June running of the Queen's Plate and precedes the Breeders' Stakes in August.

The race was inaugurated in 1929 at the now defunct Thorncliffe Park Raceway in today's Thorncliffe Park neighbourhood of central east Toronto.


Historical notes

The E.P. Taylor colt New Providence emerged as a Triple Crown champion in its first year of existence and in the ensuing years, six more three-year-olds have equaled the feat.

According to the racetrack's website, for fans, the most popular winner of the race was the Canadian and American Hall of Fame filly Dance Smartly who went on to win the 1991 Triple Crown.

From 1959 through 1987 the Prince of Wales Stakes was run on turf. Since inception, it has been contested at four different Ontario racetracks and at various distances:

  • 1 1/16 miles : 1932-1942 and 1947-1952 at Thorncliffe Park Raceway, 1944-1945 and 1953-1955 at Old Woodbine Racetrack, 1956 at Woodbine Racetrack
  • 1 3/8 miles : 1959-1975 at Fort Erie Racetrack
  • 1 1/2 miles : 1976-1987 at Fort Erie Racetrack
  • 1 3/16 miles : 1988-present at Fort Erie Racetrack


Speed record: (at current distance of 1 3/16 miles)

  • 1:53.80 - Bruce's Mill (1994)

Most wins by a jockey:

  • 5 - Hugo Dittfach (1960, 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967)

Most wins by a trainer:

Most wins by an owner:







2009 Gallant Corey Fraser Mark E. Casse Woodford Racing LLC 1:56.74
2008 Harlem Rocker Eibar Coa Todd Pletcher Adena Racing Venture 1:56.46
2007 Alezzandro Todd Kabel Kevin Attard Knob Hill Stable 1:55.04
2006 Shillelagh Slew Dino Luciani Michael P. DePaulo David H. T. James 1:55.87
2005 Ablo Gerry Olguin Roger Attfield Michael & Phyllis Canino 1:56.90
2004 A Bit O'Gold Jono Jones Catherine Day Phillips Kingfield Racing Stables 1:57.69
2003 Wando Patrick Husbands Mike Keogh Gus Schickedanz 1:55.84
2002 Le Cinquieme Essai Brian Bochinski Paul Nielsen William A. Scott 1:56.53
2001 Win City Constant Montpellier Robert P. Tiller Frank Di Giulio, Jr. 1:56.14
2000 Scatter The Gold Todd Kabel Mark Frostad Sam-Son Farm 1:56.01
1999 Gandria Constant Montpellier James Cheadle Arosa Farm 1:56.20
1998 Archers Bay Robert Landry Todd Pletcher Melnyk / Bristow 1:55.20
1997 Cryptocloser Willie Martinez Mark Frostad Mack / Sorokolit 1:56.00
1996 Stephanotis Mickey Walls Barbara J. Minshall Minshall Farms 1:55.20
1995 Kiridashi Larry Attard Barbara J. Minshall Minshall Farms 1:55.00
1994 Bruce's Mill Craig Perret Mark Frostad Earle I. Mack & partners 1:53.80
1993 Peteski Dave Penna Roger Attfield Earle I. Mack 1:54.40
1992 Benburb Larry Attard Phil England Knob Hill Stable 1:57.40
1991 Dance Smartly Pat Day Jim Day Sam-Son Farm 1:56.60
1990 Izvestia Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:56.40
1989 With Approval Don Seymour Roger Attfield Kinghaven Farms 1:56.80
1988 Regal Classic Sandy Hawley Jim Day Sam-Son/Windfields 2:00.20
1987 Coryphee Brian Swatuk Sam DiPasquale S. Carnevale 2:39.60
1986 Golden Choice Vincent Bracciale, Jr. Michael Tammaro Sanderson / Belanger 2:44.40
1985 Imperial Choice Irwin Driedger Jim Day Sam-Son Farm 2:34.60
1984 Val Dansant John LeBlanc Gerry Belanger Sanderson / Norman 2:48.60
1983 Archdeacon Vincent Bracciale, Jr. John J. Tammaro, Jr. Kinghaven Farms 2:32.00
1982 Runaway Groom Robin Platts John DiMario Albert J. Coppola 2:38.40
1981 Cadet Corps Robin Platts W. Granger FNR Stable 2:34.80
1980 Allan Blue Joey Belowus Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 2:34.40
1979 Mass Rally George HoSang Duke Campbell D. Mann 2:33.40
1978 Overskate Robin Platts Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 2:34.40
1977 Dance In Time Gary Stahlbaum Frank H. Merrill, Jr. Viscount Hardinge 2:31.80
1976 Norcliffe Jeffrey Fell Roger Attfield Norcliffe Stable 2:30.20
1975 L'Enjoleur Sandy Hawley Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Lévesque 2:32.40
1974 Rushton's Corsair James Kelly Glen Magnusson Aubrey W. Minshall 2:23.40
1973 Tara Road Sandy Hawley Gil Rowntree Stafford Farms 2:16:80
1972 Presidial John LeBlanc Roy Johnson Windfields Farm 2:16.60
1971 New Pro Escar James Kelly Andrew G. Smithers E. Lieberman 2:15.20
1970 Almoner Sandy Hawley Jerry G. Lavigne Parkview Stable 2:19.80
1969 Sharp-Eyed Quillo Heliodoro Gustines Horatio Luro J. Hood 2:16.60
1968 Rouletabille Richard Grubb Yonnie Starr Jean-Louis Lévesque 2:18.60
1967 Battling Hugo Dittfach Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 2:21.20
1966 He's A Smoothie Hugo Dittfach Warren Beasley William R. Beasley 2:19.00
1965 Good Old Mort Sam McComb Jerry C. Meyer Dane Hill Acres 2:22.80
1964 Canadillis Avelino Gomez M. Long Viscount Hardinge 2:35.00
1963 Canebora Hugo Dittfach Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 2:30.60
1962 King Gorm Hugo Dittfach Richard Townrow Lanson Farm 2:21.20
1961 Song of Even Jim Fitzsimmons Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 2:29.00
1960 Bulpamiru Hugo Dittfach Red Barnard Shermanor Farm 2:19.80
1959 New Providence Avelino Gomez Gordon J. McCann Windfields Farm 2:18.00
1958 White Apache Don Hale F. Russell Four L's Stable 1:52.20
1957 Our Sirdar E. Roy F. Cook Shermanor Farms 1:59.60
1956 Canadian Champ David Stevenson John Passero William R. Beasley 1:46.20
1955 Ace Marine George Walker Yonnie Starr Larkin Maloney 1:45.20
1954 Queen's Own B. Albert Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:46.20
1953 Chain Reaction Nick Combest Richard Townrow Mrs. Elodie S. Tomlinson 1:44.40
1952 Acadian Jose Vina Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:44.80
1951 Major Factor Alf Bavington Gordon J. McCann E. P. Taylor 1:52.20
1950 Nephisto Johnny Dewhurst Arthur Brent Parkwood Stable 1:48.80
1949 Victory Arch Pat Remillard Robert K. Hodgson North Downs Farm 1:45.60
1948 Lord Fairmond L. Kerr Harry Giddings, Jr. Whittier Park Stock Farm 1:48.40
1947 Burboy Robert Fisher Robert Rushton Bur-fit Stable 1:48.20
1946 no race
1945 Uttermost Robert B. Watson Cecil Howard Harry C. Hatch 1:45.00
1944 Ompalo Robert B. Watson Cecil Howard Harry C. Hatch 1:47.00
1943 no race
1942 Ten to Ace Charles W. Smith Harry Giddings, Jr. Harry Giddings 1:50.40
1941 no race
1940 Horse Pat Remillard C. Mitchell J. R. McIntyre 1:49.40
1939 Archworth Sydney Denny Birley Mark Cowell C. George McCullagh 1:46.40
1938 no race
1937 Cease Fire Charley Critchfield M. Maciver H. R. Bain 1:47.80
1936 Samoan Frankie Mann Johnny Thorpe Edward Frowde Seagram 1:47.20
1935 no race
1934 no race
1933 Syngo John "Red" Pollard Jack Whyte R. E. Webster 1:47.40
1932 Queensway Frankie Mann Harry Giddings, Jr. Robert W. R. Cowie 1:52.00
1931 no race
1930 Spearhead Earl Steffen George Strate Tedluc Stable 1:55.20
1929 Lion Hearted Henry Little R. E. Potts Mrs. W. J. Giblin 1:54.60

A designates a Triple Crown winner.



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