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Prioress Stakes

Grade I race
Prioress Stakes
Location Belmont Park
Elmont, New York, United States
Inaugurated 1948
Race type Thoroughbred - Flat racing
Website www.nyra.com
Race information
Distance 6 furlong sprint
Track Dirt, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-old fillies
Weight Assigned
Purse $300,000

The Prioress Stakes is an American Grade I Thoroughbred horse race held annually during the first week of July at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

Inaugurated in 1948 at Jamaica Racetrack, it was raced there through 1959 after which it was hosted by Aqueduct Racetrack through 1986. The Prioress was named for the filly Prioress, out of the great mare Reel, herself by Glencoe. In 1858, Prioress became the first American Thoroughbred ever to win in England

The Prioress Stakes was run in two divisions in 1951 and again in 1958.


Speed record:

Most wins by a jockey:

Most wins by a trainer:

  • 2 - William C. Winfrey (1950, 1955)
  • 2 - Casey Hayes (1960, 1963)
  • 2 - Patrick J. Kelly (1980, 1990)

Most wins by an owner:

  • 3 - Happy Valley Farm (1970, 1986, 1988)







2009 Cat Moves Ramon Dominguez Anthony Dutrow Edward P. Evans 1:08.65
2008 Indian Blessing John Velazquez Bob Baffert Patti & Hal J. Earnhardt III 1:09.36
2007 Dream Rush Eibar Coa Richard Violette, Jr. West Point Stable, et al. 1:09.02
2006 Wildcat Bettie B MIchael Pino J. Larry Jones Oasis Racing 1:09.18
2005 Acey Deucey Diane Nelson John D. Morrison Jeffrey Tucker 1:10.37
2004 Friendly Michelle Corey Nakatani Bob Baffert Ed Friendly 1:09.09
2003 House Party Jose A. Santos H. Allen Jerkens Joseph V. Shields Jr. 1:09.45
2002 Carson Hollow John Velazquez Rick Dutrow Hemlock Hills Farm et al. 1:08.79
2001 Xtra Heat Rick Wilson John Salzman, Sr. Kenneth Taylor 1:08.26
2000 I'm Brassy Mike Luzzi Kristina Dupps Iron Lance Stables 1:09.53
1999 Sapphire n' Silk Pat Day Dallas Stewart William A. Carl 1:09.40
1998 Hurricane Bertie Pat Day Bernard S. Flint Bertram W. Klein 1:08.80
1997 Pearl City Jerry Bailey D. Wayne Lukas Overbrook Farm 1:09.40
1996 Capote Belle John Velazquez Daniel Pietz Lawana & Robert Low 1:08.81
1995 Scotzanna Robin Platts Michael W. Wright Bruno Schickedanz 1:10.61
1994 Penny's Reshoot John Velazquez John DeStefano, Jr. Edwin H. Wachtel 1:09.07
1993 Classy Mirage Julie Krone H. Allen Jerkens Middletown Stables 1:08.89
1992 American Royale Jose A. Santos Lisa L. Lewis William S. Farish III 1:09.36
1991 Zama Hummer Gary Stevens Jerry Dutton Tim K. Roe 1:09 .88
1990 Token Dance Eddie Maple Patrick J. Kelly Fox Ridge Farm 1:09.40
1989 Safely Kept Angel Cordero, Jr. Alan E. Goldberg Barry Weisbord 1:11.60
1988 Fara's Team Jerry Bailey Richard Dutrow, Sr. Happy Valley Farm 1:10.20
1987 Firey Challenge Richard Migliore Anthony W. Dutrow Mary Wootten 1:10.60
1986 Religiosity Jose A. Santos Richard Dutrow, Sr. Happy Valley Farm 1:11.00
1985 Clocks Secret John Nied, Jr. Dennis Heimer Stanley I. Joselson 1:10.00
1984 Proud Clarioness Jean-Luc Samyn Philip G. Johnson Lou Roe Stable 1:10.40
1983 Able Money Antonio Graell Anthony B. Russo Faith Donnelly 1:11.00
1982 Trove Michael Venezia Woody Stephens Hickory Tree Stable 1:10.00
1981 Tina Tina Too Cash Asmussen Richard T. DeStasio Albert Fried, Jr. 1:11.20
1980 Lien Eddie Maple Patrick J. Kelly Live Oak Racing 1:11.00
1979 Fall Aspen Roger Velez James E. Picou Joseph M. Roebling 1:12.00
1978 Tempest Queen Jorge Velasquez Lou Rondinello Darby Dan Farm 1:11.40
1977 Ring O'Bells Angel Cordero, Jr. Woodrow Sedlacek Jacques D. Wimpfheimer 1:10.40
1976 Dearly Precious Braulio Baeza Stephen A. DiMauro Richard E. Bailey 1:09.80
1975 Sarsar Bill Shoemaker David A. Whiteley William Haggin Perry 1:10.80
1974 Clear Copy Daryl Montoya Jerome Hirsch Leon J. Hekimian 1:10.20
1973 Windy's Daughter Braulio Baeza Laz Barrera Mrs. Paul Blackman 1:10.20
1972 Numbered Account Braulio Baeza Roger Laurin Ogden Phipps 1:10.00
1971 Miss Plumage Robert Woodhouse Philip J. Horn, Jr. David Shaer 1:11.60
1970 Exclusive Dancer Chuck Baltazar John T. Davis Happy Valley Farm 1:11.60
1969 Ta Wee John L. Rotz John A. Nerud Tartan Farm 1:09.40
1968 Dark Mirage Angel Cordero, Jr. Everett W. King Lloyd Miller 1:10.80
1967 Just Kidding Eddie Belmonte J. Elliott Burch Rokeby Stable 1:10.60
1966 My Boss Lady † Bill Shoemaker Edward A. Neloy Ogden Phipps 1:10.60
1965 What a Treat John L. Rotz Sylvester Veitch George D. Widener, Jr. 1:10.40
1964 Nilene Wonder Donald Pierce A. W. Beuzeville Verna Lea Farm 1:12.20
1963 Speedwell Bill Shoemaker Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 1:10.60
1962 Some Song Johnny Sellers Edward J. Yowell Mrs. Benjamin Cohen 1:11.00
1961 Primonetta Bill Hartack James P. Conway Darby Dan Farm 1:10.60
1960 Salt Lake Ralph Yaka Casey Hayes Meadow Stable 1:11.80
1959 Miss Royal Bobby Ussery Joe Kulina John Fieramosca 1:11.60
1958 Milady Dares Arthur Chambers James J. Rowan Mrs. Walter A. Edgar 1:12.80
1958 Dixie Miss John Ruane Willie Booth Issac J. Collins 1:13.40
1957 I Offbeat Hedley Woodhouse Edward I. Kelly, Sr. Brookfield Farm 1:12.00
1956 Royal Lark Walter Blum Ike K. Mourar Maine Chance Farm 1:12.40
1955 Sometime Thing Eric Guerin William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:12.20
1954 Trisong Hedley Woodhouse Edwin Holton Edwin Holton 1:12.40
1953 Grecian Queen Eric Guerin James P. Conway Mrs. Ben F. Whitaker 1:13.40
1952 Landmark Dave Gorman Robert L. Dotter James Cox Brady, Jr. 1:12.20
1951 Ruddy Ted Atkinson John M. Gaver, Sr. Greentree Stable 1:12.60
1951 Tilly Rose William Boland Max Hirsch King Ranch 1:11.40
1950 Next Move Eric Guerin William C. Winfrey Alfred G. Vanderbilt II 1:13.40
1949 Nell K. Douglas Dodson John B. Partridge Spring Hill Farm 1:13.40
1948 Itsabet Robert Permane Dan W. Kerns Brookfield Farm 1:12.20

* † In 1966, Priceless Gem finished first but was disqualified and set back to last.



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