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Prix Ferdinand Dufaure

Group 1 race
Prix Ferdinand Dufaure
Location Auteuil Racecourse
Paris, France
Inaugurated 1951
Race type Steeplechase
Sponsor Gras Savoye Cinéma
Website france-galop.com
Race information
Distance 4,100 metres (2m 4½f)
Track Turf, left-handed
Qualification Four-year-olds
Weight 66 kg
2 kg for fillies
Purse 350,000 (2009)
1st: 45%, 2nd: 22%, 3rd: 13%
4th: 9%, 5th: 5%, 6th: 3.5%
7th: 2.5%

The Prix Ferdinand Dufaure is a Group 1 steeplechase in France which is open to four-year-old horses. It is run at Auteuil over a distance of 4,100 metres (about 2 miles and 4½ furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late May.

The event is named in memory of Ferdinand Dufaure, a former committee member of the Société des Steeple-Chases de France, who died in 1947. It was first run in 1951, and its distance was initially set at 4,500 metres. This was cut to 3,800 metres in 1953. The race was added to Auteuil's summer program in 1961, when another event, the Prix Maurice Gillois, was moved to the autumn. The length of the Prix Ferdinand Dufaure was frequently modified in the late 1960s and early 1970s, before a more settled period over 4,400 metres began in 1973. The present distance, 4,100 metres, was introduced in 1986.

The Prix Ferdinand Dufaure is the main trial for November's Prix Maurice Gillois (Grand Steeple-Chase des Quatre Ans), which is the championship race for four-year-old steeplechasers in France. Six horses have won both events, most recently Oculi in 2008. The runner-up in the 2007 Prix Ferdinand Dufaure, Master Minded, subsequently became a champion two-mile chaser in England.



Leading jockey (6 wins):

  • Christophe Pieux – Kizitca (1996), Valdance (1998), Bonbon Rose (2005), Or Noir de Somoza (2006), Remember Rose (2007), Rubi Ball (2009)

Leading trainer (6 wins):

  • Jacques Ortet – Oblat (1983), Guchen (1985), Frappeuse (1988), Kizitca (1996), Valdance (1998), Rubi Ball (2009)

Leading owner (3 wins):

  • Julien Décrion – Ki Ta Dai (1954), Morgex (1968), Biron (1970)
  • Sean Mulryan – Cyrlight (2004), Bonbon Rose (2005), Or Noir de Somoza (2006)







1951 Bremontier Roger Obry Arthur Bates Edouard Gugenheim
1952 Lord Boby René Beche Henri Brierre A. Chiaverini
1953 Carpaccio Claude Maire Pierre Pelat Simone Del Duca
1954 Ki Ta Dai Pierre Delfarguiel André Adèle Julien Décrion
1955 Bonosnap Jacques Fabre Georges Pelat Antonin Mourrut
1956 Porte Fanion Claude Maire Arthur Bates Edouard Gugenheim
1957 Reine des Landes Jean Bourges Georges Pelat Mrs Georges Pelat
1958 Reymio Roger Obry Noël Pelat Georges Rouquie
1959 Bustier Maurice Prod'homme André Adèle André Adèle
1960 Gigoletto Yves Daniel Léon Gaumondy E. Labreveux
1961 Artus II Marcel Maschio Christian Doumen Fernand Buret
1962 Atomium Pierre Biancone Noël Pelat Comte de Monteynard
1963 Gerardmer Claude Deleuze Maurice d'Okhuysen Comte René de Rivaud
1964 Bazouka II Georges Hamon René Sirvain Jean Seguinotte
1965 Pavillon Gérard Boeuf Antoine Monnat A. Baguenault de Puchesse
1966 Prime Jacques Geneau Pierre Pelat Comte L. de Kerouara
1967 Taverne Christian Mahé Arthur Bates Raphaël Hakim
1968 Morgex Jean-Paul Ciravegna André Adèle Julien Décrion
1969 Francion J. J. Declercq Pierre Biancone Marcel Le Masson
1970 Biron Jean-Paul Ciravegna André Adèle Julien Décrion
1971 Firebird Alain Grimaux Arthur Bates Roger Mouly
1972 Xochimil J. P. Pirodon Hubert d'Aillières M. des Roches de Chassay
1973 Incantado Pierre Costes Georges Pelat Daniel Wildenstein
1974 Grey Rabbit J. J. Declercq Jacques Geneau Hilaire Spiers
1975 Vieux Yor Hervé Corfdir Willie Kalley Mrs Dick Kalley
1976 Seventh Heaven Jacques Morin Bernard Sécly Lawrence M. Gelb
1977 Moncourt Hervé Corfdir Marcel Maschio Georges Sebaoun
1978 Tanlas Claude Dugast Léon Sansson A. Sansson
1979 Lapo d'Or Denis Leblond Jean-Paul Gallorini Giuseppe Campanella
1980 Gelas Bernard Gauthier Jack Barbe Mrs Michel Maréchal
1981 Bruges François Primel Robert Collet Jim Mullion


Lou Pescadou (DH) Denis Bailliez Jack Barbe Mrs Jean Muller


Salute (DH) François Primel Robert Collet Mrs Daniel Bertrand
1983 Oblat Alain Chelet Jacques Ortet Mrs Aime Laveyron
1984 Doelan Jean-Yves Artu Yann-Marie Porzier René Aebischer
1985 Guchen Diego Roussel Jacques Ortet Mrs Francis Loizon
1986 Nestor Burma Denis Leblond Gérard Collet Sylvain Chouraqui
1987 Katko Jean-Yves Beaurain Bernard Sécly Pierre de Montesson
1988 Frappeuse Bruno Jollivet Jacques Ortet Henri Georgel
1989 Tito l'Effronte Franck Smeulders Jean Dasque Jean Dasque
1990 Ucello II Adam Kondrat François Doumen Marquesa de Moratalla
1991 As des Carres Loïc Manceau Jean Dasque Claude Cohen
1992 Old River Jean-Pierre Godet A. Sagot Claude Cohen
1993 Earl Grant Jean-Yves Beaurain Bernard Sécly Bernard Boutboul
1994 Parika Philippe Sourzac Guillaume Macaire Alain Ranson
1995 Ytalsa Royale Cyrille Gombeau Bernard Barbier Gilbert Gallot
1996 Kizitca Christophe Pieux Jacques Ortet Peter Baumgartner
1997 Vieux Beaufai Pierre Bigot Frédéric Danloux Ecurie Siklos
1998 Valdance Christophe Pieux Jacques Ortet Naji Pharaon
1999 Arlas Stéphane Massinot Thierry Civel Ecurie Centrale
2000 Boisnoir Pascal Marsac Guy Chérel Daniel Wildenstein
2001 Turgot Dominique Bressou J. Bertran de Balanda Bryant / Jackson
2002 Karly Flight Philippe Sourzac Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé Patrick Boiteau
2003 Ice Mood Philippe Sourzac Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé Jean-Michel Bazire
2004 Cyrlight Philippe Sourzac Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé Sean Mulryan
2005 Bonbon Rose Christophe Pieux Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé Sean Mulryan
2006 Or Noir de Somoza Christophe Pieux Arnaud Chaillé-Chaillé Sean Mulryan
2007 Remember Rose Christophe Pieux Jean-Paul Gallorini Ernst Iten
2008 Oculi Dean Gallagher François-Marie Cottin Detré / Filliette
2009 Rubi Ball Christophe Pieux Jacques Ortet Mrs Patrick Papot


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