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Prix La Flèche

Listed race
Prix La Flèche
Location Maisons-Laffitte
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Race information
Distance 1,000 metres (5f)
Track Turf, straight
Qualification Two-year-olds
Weight 57 kg
1½ kg for fillies
Purse 55,000 (2009)
1st: 50%, 2nd: 20%, 3rd: 15%
4th: 10%, 5th: 5%

The Prix La Flèche is a Listed flat horse race in France which is open to two-year-old thoroughbreds. It is run at Maisons-Laffitte over a distance of 1,000 metres (about 5 furlongs), and it is scheduled to take place each year in mid June.

The event was formerly staged at Le Tremblay, a venue which closed in 1967. It was later transferred to Evry, which first opened in 1973. The race's distance at this track was initially set at 1,400 metres, but it was subsequently shortened three times. It was cut to 1,300 metres in 1984, to 1,200 metres in 1987, and to 1,100 metres in 1993. After Evry's closure in 1996 the Prix La Flèche moved briefly to Chantilly (1997–99), and then to Maisons-Laffitte (2000–03). The event was switched to Longchamp in 2004, whereupon its distance was cut to 1,000 metres. It returned to Maisons-Laffitte in 2009.

The leading horses from the Prix La Flèche often go on to compete in the Prix du Bois.


Records since 1979

Leading jockey (4 wins):

  • Freddy HeadMa Biche (1982), Minstrel's Lassie (1987), Hector Protector (1990), Arazi (1991)

Leading trainer (4 wins):

  • André FabreLight of Nashua (1984), Zieten (1992), Foxhound (1993), Scenery (1997)

Leading owner (3 wins):

Winners since 1979






1979 Lord Jack Alfred Gibert Henri Gleizes Mrs François Elion
1980 Lalaria Jean-Pierre Lefèvre Philippe Lallié Julian Byng
1981 Setkatdeu Henri Samani Raymond Touflan Yves Duffaut
1982 Ma Biche Freddy Head Criquette Head Ghislaine Head
1983 Micbol Fabrice Pegurri Jean Laumain Henri Rabatel
1984 Light of Nashua Alfred Gibert André Fabre Mahmoud Fustok
1985 Kandakiev Yves Saint-Martin Mitri Saliba Adnan Moubarak
1986 Banc d'Or Michel Gentile Freddie Palmer Freddie Palmer
1987 Minstrel's Lassie Freddy Head François Boutin Allen E. Paulson
1988 Ecossais Alfred Gibert J. C. Cunnington Countess Batthyany
1989 Cut My Heart Philippe Dumortier Jean-Claude Rouget Claude Gour
1990 Hector Protector Freddy Head François Boutin Stavros Niarchos 1:10.86
1991 Arazi Freddy Head François Boutin Allen E. Paulson 1:14.30
1992 Zieten Steve Cauthen André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:10.20
1993 Foxhound Thierry Jarnet André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:07.41
1994 Top Shape Gérald Mossé François Doumen John Killer 1:05.91
1995 Shining Molly Franck Blondel Marc Pimbonnet Louis Peyraud 1:06.35
1996 Deep Finesse Philip Robinson Michael Jarvis John E. Sims 1:03.92
1997 Scenery Olivier Peslier André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:07.90
1998 Ronda Dominique Boeuf Carlos Laffon-Parias Dario Hinojosa 1:09.50
1999 City on a Hill Sylvain Guillot David Loder Godolphin 1:04.80
2000 Noverre Sylvain Guillot David Loder Godolphin 1:03.40
2001 Ingeburg Christophe Soumillon Axel Kleinkorres Stall Juka 1:07.10
2002 Ascetic Silver Thierry Jarnet Didier Prod'homme Bernard Giraudon 1:05.54
2003 Much Faster Thierry Thulliez Pascal Bary Ecurie J. L. Bouchard 1:06.80
2004 Salut Thomas Christophe Soumillon Robert Collet Roger Jesus 0:57.60
2005 Gwenseb Davy Bonilla Carlos Laffon-Parias Wertheimer et Frère 0:58.00
2006 Sandwaki Olivier Peslier Carlos Laffon-Parias Wertheimer et Frère 0:58.50
2007 Natagora Christophe Lemaire Pascal Bary Stefan Friborg 0:56.30
2008 Percolator Christophe Soumillon Paul Cole Henry Robinson 0:56.60
2009 Siyouni Christophe Soumillon Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV 1:00.10

Earlier winners

  • 1936 - Chenonceaux
  • 1939 - Maurepas
  • 1958 - Savarus
  • 1963 - Sigebert
  • 1964 - Polly Girl
  • 1966 - Topyo
  • 1968 - La Milanaise
  • 1969 - Hand in Hand
  • 1976 - Concerto Barocco


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