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Prix Omnium II

Listed race
Prix Omnium II
Location Saint-Cloud Racecourse
Saint-Cloud, France
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Race information
Distance 1,600 metres (1 mile)
Track Turf, left-handed
Qualification Three-year-old
colts & geldings
Weight 58 kg
Purse 55,000 (2010)
1st: €27,500

The Prix Omnium II is a Listed flat horse race in France which is open to three-year-old Thoroughbred colts and geldings. It is run at Saint-Cloud over a distance of 1,600 metres (about 1 mile), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late March or early April.

The event is named after Omnium II, a successful racehorse in France during the 1890s, and the country's leading sire in 1902.

The Prix Omnium II sometimes serves as a trial for the Poule d'Essai des Poulains, and the last horse to win both races was Silver Frost in 2009.



Leading jockey since 1979 (4 wins):

  • Dominique BoeufGroom Dancer (1987), Triteamtri (1988), Bigstone (1993), Iridanos (1999)

Leading trainer since 1979 (4 wins):

  • François BoutinSharpman (1979), Lioubovnik (1989), Slew the Slewor (1990), Arazi (1992)

Leading owner since 1979 (2 wins): (includes part ownership)

  • Marvin L. Warner, Jr. – Groom Dancer (1987), Triteamtri (1988)

Winners since 1979






1979 Sharpman Philippe Paquet François Boutin Sir Charles Clore
1980 Confetti Henri Samani Patrick Biancone Mrs Patrick Goureau
1981 Big John Georges Doleuze E. Chevalier du Fau John Michael
1982 Alfred's Choice Michel-Lionel Dureuil E. Bartholomew A. de Baillet-Latour
1983 Castle Guard Maurice Philipperon John Fellows Peter G. Richards
1984 Green Paradise Alfred Gibert André Fabre Mahmoud Fustok
1985 Shayzari Yves Saint-Martin Alain de Royer-Dupré HH Aga Khan IV
1986 Kadrou Alfred Gibert Jean Laumain Henri Rabatel
1987 Groom Dancer Dominique Boeuf Tony Clout Marvin L. Warner, Jr.
1988 Triteamtri Dominique Boeuf Alain Falourd Marvin L. Warner, Jr.
1989 Lioubovnik Eric Saint-Martin François Boutin Mrs François Boutin
1990 Slew the Slewor Gérald Mossé François Boutin Allen E. Paulson
1991 Signac Guy Guignard William Cargeeg Michael Smurfit
1992 Arazi Steve Cauthen François Boutin Paulson / Sheikh Moh'd 1:48.0
1993 Bigstone Dominique Boeuf Elie Lellouche Daniel Wildenstein 1:40.9
1994 Scandinavian Guy Guignard Noël Pelat Marquis de Geoffre 1:52.1
1995 Petit Poucet Cash Asmussen Nicolas Clément Stavros Niarchos 1:51.6
1996 Go Between Olivier Doleuze Georges Doleuze Naji Pharaon 1:47.8
1997 Vernoy Antoine Sanglard André Fabre Sheikh Mohammed 1:45.3
1998 River Ball Frédéric Spanu Jean-François Bernard Axelle Nègre 1:48.8
1999 Iridanos Dominique Boeuf Carlos Laffon-Parias Leonidas Marinopoulos 1:49.8
2000 Firyal Pursuit [1] Thierry Thulliez Patrick Khozian Patrick Dreux 1:50.3
2001 Aghnoyoh Thierry Gillet Tony Clout Gerhard W. Sybrecht 1:59.6
2002 Medecis Olivier Doleuze Criquette Head-Maarek Wertheimer et Frère 1:47.0
2003 Sign of the Wolf Thierry Jarnet François Rohaut Andrew Crichton 1:48.1
2004 American Post Richard Hughes Criquette Head-Maarek Khalid Abdullah 1:43.0
2005 Helios Quercus Alexandre Roussel Cyriaque Diard Thierry Maudet 1:49.3
2006 Porto Santo Stéphane Pasquier Philippe Demercastel Aleyrion Bloodstock Ltd 1:53.0
2007 Hurricane Fly François-Xavier Bertras Jean-Luc Pelletan Hans-Peter Breitenstein 1:49.5
2008 Gris Tendre Ioritz Mendizabal Jean-Claude Rouget Exors of G. de Rothschild 1:52.3
2009 Silver Frost Christophe Soumillon Yves de Nicolay John D. Cotton 1:41.9
2010 No Risk at All Thomas Huet Jean-Paul Gallorini Sylvia Wildenstein 1:47.8

1 The 2000 winner Firyal Pursuit was later exported to Hong Kong and renamed Cheers Hong Kong.

Earlier winners

  • 1961 – Carteret
  • 1964 – Trade Mark
  • 1966 – Prompt
  • 1968 – Aslam
  • 1973 – Robertino
  • 1974 – Mount Hagen
  • 1976 – Far North
  • 1978 – Kenmare

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