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Racing Post Trophy

Group 1 race
Racing Post Trophy
Location Doncaster Racecourse
Doncaster, England
Inaugurated 1961
Race type Flat / Thoroughbred
Sponsor Racing Post
Website Doncaster
Race information
Distance 1 mile (1,609 metres)
Track Turf, straight
Qualification Two-year-olds
excluding geldings
Weight 9 st 0 lb
3 lb for fillies
Purse £200,000 (2009)
1st: £113,540

The Racing Post Trophy is a Group 1 flat horse race in Great Britain which is open to two-year-old thoroughbred colts and fillies. It is run at Doncaster over a distance of 1 mile (1,609 metres), and it is scheduled to take place each year in late October.

The event was established in 1961, and it was originally called the Timeform Gold Cup. It was founded by Phil Bull, the creator of Timeform, and it was backed by this organisation until 1964. The race's next sponsor was The Observer, which began supporting the event in 1965. When the present system of race grading was introduced in 1971, the Observer Gold Cup was classed at the highest level, Group 1.

The bookmaker William Hill took over the sponsorship in 1976, and the title of the event was changed to the Futurity Stakes. It was given its current name when the Racing Post became the sponsor in 1989.

The Racing Post Trophy is the last Group 1 event of the British flat racing season. Four winners — Reference Point, High Chaparral, Motivator and Authorized — have subsequently achieved victory in the following year's Derby.



Leading jockey (5 wins):

  • Lester PiggottRibocco (1966), Noble Decree (1972), Apalachee (1973), Dunbeath (1982), Lanfranco (1984)
  • Pat EdderySporting Yankee (1976), Dactylographer (1977), Beldale Flutter (1980), Reference Point (1986), Armiger (1992)

Leading trainer (10 wins):

  • Henry CecilApproval (1969), Take Your Place (1975), Hello Gorgeous (1979), Dunbeath (1982), Lanfranco (1984), Reference Point (1986), Be My Chief (1989), Peter Davies (1990), Armiger (1992), King's Theatre (1993)

Leading owner (4 wins): (includes part ownership)

  • Khalid AbdullahAlphabatim (1983), Bakharoff (1985), Armiger (1992), American Post (2003)
  • Sue MagnierAristotle (1999), High Chaparral (2001), Brian Boru (2002), St Nicholas Abbey (2009)







1961 Miralgo Bill Williamson Harry Wragg Gerry Oldham 1:44.40
1962 Noblesse Garnet Bougoure Paddy Prendergast Evelyn Olin 1:39.00
1963 Pushful Harry Carr S. Meaney Major Lionel Holliday 1:39.00
1964 Hardicanute Bill Williamson Paddy Prendergast Jim Mullion 1:40.40
1965 Pretendre Ron Hutchinson Jack Jarvis Claude Lilley 1:42.60
1966 Ribocco Lester Piggott F. Johnson Houghton Charles W. Engelhard 1:44.60
1967 Vaguely Noble Bill Williamson Walter Wharton Brook Holliday 1:44.80
1968 The Elk Bill Pyers Jeremy Tree Monica Sheriffe 1:44.60
1969 Approval Duncan Keith Henry Cecil Sir Humphrey de Trafford 1:45.80
1970 Linden Tree Duncan Keith Peter Walwyn Mrs D. McCalmont 1:46.00
1971 High Top Willie Carson Bernard van Cutsem Sir Jules Thorn 1:40.80
1972 Noble Decree Lester Piggott Bernard van Cutsem Nelson Bunker Hunt 1:42.79
1973 Apalachee Lester Piggott Vincent O'Brien John Mulcahy 1:43.51
1974 Green Dancer Freddy Head Alec Head Jacques Wertheimer 1:45.01
1975 Take Your Place Gianfranco Dettori Henry Cecil Carlo d'Alessio 1:40.50
1976 Sporting Yankee Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn William Hill Racing 1:48.56
1977 Dactylographer Pat Eddery Peter Walwyn Philip Niarchos 1:43.70
1978 Sandy Creek Christy Roche Con Collins Alfie McLean 1:38.32
1979 Hello Gorgeous Joe Mercer Henry Cecil Daniel Wildenstein 1:42.30
1980 Beldale Flutter Pat Eddery Michael Jarvis A. J. Kelly 1:43.53
1981 Count Pahlen Geoff Baxter Bruce Hobbs Mrs A. Villar 1:42.40
1982 Dunbeath Lester Piggott Henry Cecil Michael Riordan
1983 Alphabatim Greville Starkey Guy Harwood Khalid Abdullah 1:41.30
1984 Lanfranco Lester Piggott Henry Cecil Charles St. George 1:43.90
1985 Bakharoff Greville Starkey Guy Harwood Khalid Abdullah 1:41.20
1986 Reference Point Pat Eddery Henry Cecil Louis Freedman 1:45.03
1987 Emmson Willie Carson Dick Hern Sir Michael Sobell 1:42.66
1988 Al Hareb Willie Carson Neil Graham Hamdan Al Maktoum 1:40.73
1989 Be My Chief [1] Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Peter Burrell 1:42.99
1990 Peter Davies Steve Cauthen Henry Cecil Charles St. George 1:46.00
1991 Seattle Rhyme Cash Asmussen David Elsworth H. J. Senn 1:39.58
1992 Armiger Pat Eddery Henry Cecil Khalid Abdullah 1:39.70
1993 King's Theatre Willie Ryan Henry Cecil Michael Poland 1:41.04
1994 Celtic Swing Kevin Darley Lady Herries Peter Savill 1:40.04
1995 Beauchamp King John Reid John Dunlop Erik Penser 1:38.89
1996 Medaaly Gary Hind Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:41.12
1997 Saratoga Springs Michael Kinane Aidan O'Brien Michael Tabor 1:40.36
1998 Commander Collins Jimmy Fortune Peter Chapple-Hyam Robert Sangster 1:47.80
1999 Aristotle George Duffield Aidan O'Brien Sue Magnier 1:45.00
2000 Dilshaan Johnny Murtagh Sir Michael Stoute Saeed Suhail 1:45.87
2001 High Chaparral Kevin Darley Aidan O'Brien Tabor / Magnier 1:45.39
2002 Brian Boru Kevin Darley Aidan O'Brien Sue Magnier 1:46.01
2003 American Post Christophe Soumillon Criquette Head-Maarek Khalid Abdullah 1:39.57
2004 Motivator Kieren Fallon Michael Bell Royal Ascot Racing Club 1:41.62
2005 Palace Episode Neil Callan Kevin Ryan Mrs T. Marnane 1:45.10
2006 Authorized [2] Frankie Dettori Peter Chapple-Hyam Al Homaizi / Al Sagar 1:43.74
2007 Ibn Khaldun Kerrin McEvoy Saeed bin Suroor Godolphin 1:37.62
2008 Crowded House Jamie Spencer Brian Meehan Reddam / Burrell / Harvey 1:39.17
2009 St Nicholas Abbey Johnny Murtagh Aidan O'Brien Smith / Magnier / Tabor 1:39.62

1 The 1989 running took place at Newcastle.
2 The 2006 edition was held at Newbury.


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See also

  • Recurring events established in 1961 – the Racing Post Trophy is included under its original title, Timeform Gold Cup.


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