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Rick Rockefeller-Silvia

Rick Rockefeller-Silvia (Richard London Rockefeller-Silvia) (born September 9, 1984 NYC, New York) is an Equestrian Athlete, Equine Breeder, Socialite and Heir.

Utilizing his heritage and financial resources, Rockefeller-Silvia has impacted the equestrian industry. First garnering media attention in 2005 during the inception of his sport horse breeding program, "Dream Street Stallions", he publicly purchased and imported millions of dollars worth of breeding stock from Europe, in a relatively short period of time.[1] Shortly thereafter and under the direction of Olympian Lisa Wilcox, Rockefeller-Silvia's stallion, Lullaby, became the United States Equestrian Team's alternate horse, for the Young Horse World Championships (2006).[2] Only one year later, Rockefeller-Silvia’s program took center stage, winning multiple "United States Dressage Federation" ‘Horse of The Year’ titles.[3] In 2007, his stallion Starlight, set a record breaking year end score of (86%) earning him a place in the USDF 'Hall of Fame', as well as the 'Traveling Trot Perpetual Trophy'. Rockefeller-Silvia is the youngest owner in history to have had their program and stock recognized in the USDF 'Hall of Fame'. In 2008 Rockefeller-Silvia won the highly coveted title of ‘Grand Champion’ of Dressage at Devon with Starlight,[4] further signifying his successful contributions to equine breeding programs across the United States. In addition, Starlight produced a 100% ' first premium' foal crop in 2008, under Rockefeller-Silvia's guidance and management.

Rockefeller-Silvia has twice placed in the top ten at the National Young Horse Championships in Lexington, KY. At only 23 years of age he competed internationally at the Grand Prix level (Olympic level) of dressage successfully and was awarded a USDF Gold Medal in recognition of his excellence as an equestrian sports athlete.[5]Rockefeller-Silvia has established consistent rank in the 'top ten' owners in the United States of America (USEF)with his string of horses. His contributions and international success in equestrian sport, combined with his lavish spending and sometimes outrageous behavior have made him a popular industry media target. His bitterly acrimonious split from his family fueled a media frenzy in the fall of 2008.[6]


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